Tuesday, 25 August 2015

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood Films Long Before Attacks

God Bless you all team.

This is a shorter blog I am writing only to get the information out there to more people.

Most people are willing to accept 9/11 was a staged event... literally mountains to show it.  But i am also aware many are still unable to accept this...

I believe the information you can find in this video will change that. 
It shows you that the DEMONICALLY INSPIRED people in Hellywood, all knew this satanic ritual in which 3000 people lost their lifes, was going to happen. 
If you hang in here and really want to see the extent of this watch it ALL... it gets into some MUSICIANS who also ARE DEMON INSPIRED... and give warnings of the 9/11 ritual sacrifice... 

I have known the truth about 9/11 for a while now, but when i first came across this truth, that Hollywood not only knew but hid it subliminally in their movies etc it ended the argument that it was anything but a pre-planned ritual event. 

Check out our other blog on that for more info and BE SURE to check out the whole 3+ hours of footage whenever you want to do the study! 

9/11 Hidden in COUNTLESS Hollywood Movies

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God bless you all team!