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Why God allows suffering, tough but easy to answer

May God Bless you Team

Suffering, it is a worldly thing, will you not accept the Creators offer of an eternal paradise of happiness? why complain over the little things in this life if the creator has promised you eternal happiness? people use suffering as an excuse to go against God, this is not only stupid, its based on a misunderstanding, but to all i give you this post from PleaseConvinceMe Blog And is a great resource for all these tough questions, there is legitimate answers, but Atheists choose shallow arguments and don't fully examine the entire picture.

You settle down in the lounge chair, poolside, sipping a drink and getting ready to open the book you’ve been waiting to read. The faint strains of a nearby conversation start to catch your attention; it sounds a bit … odd … so you concentrate more to listen.

“You think that was bad,” says the young man, “you have no idea the pain I endured. My mother was a drinker, and she kept drinking just about every day. It was day 73, no, wait, maybe day 74, when she took a bad fall. I think she was in a supermarket by the sound of things, and she landed right on her belly. I shook so hard I didn’t think it would ever stop. I was sore for days.”

“That is bad,” his petite companion replied. “Wow, I had no idea. I just remember feeling hungry all the time. And scared. My mother was poor, and my dad left her just after I was conceived, so food was in short supply. Sometimes I thought I wouldn’t make it to delivery. The nights were the worst. I could feel my mother sobbing. And then, then, there was that time – mid second trimester I’m going to say – when she came down with some kind of flu. At first I was just a bit tired, but once it got through to me, I … well, let’s just say I didn’t know what real hurt was until that.”

“Yep,” her friend commiserated. “I knnnooowww what you mean. But look, you had it made. Your mom went full term. Man, what I wouldn’t give to go back. I can still remember how safe and warm I felt most of the time, even when she was in the sauce. I didn’t ever want to leave. I mean, you couldn’t have pried me out, if it was up to me. But she delivered me almost six weeks early – all that alcohol I guess. If only I could get those weeks back....”

"Yeah, I guess I was one of the lucky ones.  Those last few days were, well ..." 
Strange, right? A conversation you’ll never hear. And it’s not just because we can’t remember what occurred while we were in utero. It’s because, in a real and significant way, it no longer matters to us. Where we are now is not just different than where we were; it is orders of magnitude different. It is so different that it is foolish to even try to compare, or to think about, or to, well, engage in conversations like the one imagined above.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course, what happens to a developing baby matters very much. The baby must be protected and nourished while in his mother’s womb. But not so that the baby has a good time or great memories. Pregnancy is simply a part of the journey that we must all experience to achieve that next level of development – the one that really matters. If a fetus could talk to you, he would probably tell you to leave him alone. He’s got everything he needs, and trying to entice him with promises of fabulous sunsets, romantic love or the thrill of water skiing won’t simply fail to persuade him – they will make no sense to him. But knowing what you know, if you could talk to one, you would try to assure him, to welcome him to his new world, to work to allay his concerns. There really is something better on this side.

Sadly, for far too many people today, this world is the “final” destination. As I argued in my last post, many today try to soak in as much adventure and stimulation and experience as they possibly can, grabbing for all the gusto they can get, hoping that somehow they can hang on to at least some of it for long enough to make it all seem worthwhile - to ward off the despair that descends upon them like the summer fog. But it slips through our fingers all too fast. While we run from thing to thing, someone on the other side is knocking. He’s promising that His side is, well, orders of magnitude greater than anything our side has to offer. But we must trust in Him, because not only can we not see it….like the fetus, we wouldn’t understand it even if we could.  And just as the fetus has no choice but to trust his mother, so too must we place our trust in the One who first called us into being.

Jesus paved the way for us to that other side. There He stands, beckoning to us to place our trust in Him so that He can do the work that needs to be done to "deliver us." Like the OB who eases the process of birth, Jesus has the power to complete and, in a real sense perfect, our lives and give meaning to this journey. And just as the mother sacrifices for the sake of her unborn child - indeed endures excruciating pain on his behalf - so too does Jesus’ work on the cross safeguard our transition to the other side. We remain safe and secure in His arms, if we will just accept the gift He offers.

Of course, this view doesn’t fully answer the problem of human suffering. And it's not meant to trivialize the suffering that occurs here day after day. Somethingbad happened to man in the Fall, something that translates for us into pain. There is no denying that, no way to minimize it by trite explanations, and no way to wish it away. Perhaps we had mental or physical powers that once protected us, but no longer. And for many – no, for all human beings – pain is a reality that we each must grapple with, day in and day out. But if this analogy I offer is even close to being true, what will matter for us will not be what pain we suffered here, but whether we were successful in making it to the other side. This present suffering will pale in comparison to what is to come; even 100 years on Earth will be but the blink of an eye, when compared to an eternity spent living fully and joyously in God's presence, finally and forever free from pain,from worry, from separation, from lack of any kind. In the end, perhaps, the pain will simply be forgotten, part of a necessary foundation but not something we will need to think about, or care to.

Once there, I don’t think we will be looking back, worried about any of what we suffered… or all of it. Liberated at last, we will be glad that we made the journey, and above all filled with the joy that comes from finally returning home. 

Wise words, and the question of suffering and why it happens is again addressed in more detail on the PleaseConvinceMe Blog.

Bible Prophecy Proves God is Real

Bible Prophecy tells us what to expect, Antichrist will rule the new world order when it is established.

May God Bless you Team

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Tila Tequilla - Illuminati Exposed

May God Bless you Team

Tila Tequila

*2015 Update*
Thanks for the attention this page has received brothers and sisters. It means a lot that truth gets out there, however i have learned that with Tila it really wasnt all it seemed. I have studied this further over the months and years since this original blog post, and have learned many things.

Tila Tequila is a confirmed victim of Monarch Mind Control.
Meaning that from a very young age, she has been abused by her care givers, parents, handlers etc. From this abuse the personality of the originally pure innocent child begins to break off in attempt to deal with the abuse, once the mind breaks off like this, the different, honeycomb like, segments of the brain can be programmed, and even filled with demonic spirits.

With Tila, She has 5 known different segregated personalities that she herself is aware of (this isnt including the ones she isnt, and the ones that can be called out on command by her handlers. To learn more about MK Ultra and other celebrities you HAVE to check out this post then research further from there.) 

But the 4 she is aware of are:

1. Jane - Evil demonic spirit
“Tila told Howard about cuts on her arms and how her other personality had done that to her. She said that’s the thug bitch that beats her up all the time. Her name is Jane. She said she has a few other personalities in there too. Tila told Howard about how she wishes that they would leave her alone. She’s done some things trying to get rid of them but she has a hard time getting rid of them. Tila claims that her Jane personality tried to kill her. Tila said that she tried to prevent her from killing someone else and she had to fight with her to stop from killing someone else so she stabbed her but Jane is in her body so she stabbed herself. Tila said that Jane put video of it on YouTube. She said that there was this gory video of her stabbing her arm up there.”

“Look at my arm! It was Jane, my other personality.”  
And then added, “I wish she would leave me alone. I tried to prevent her from killing someone else…unfortunately, she’s in my body."

"Celebrity Rehab has dumped fameball extraordinaire and "disgusting little girl" Tila Tequila, who was supposed to be the highest-profile cast member of the upcoming season. However, after Tila blamed long-time alter ego "Jane" for cutting and burning her arms, Dr. Drew apparently realized that being the person responsible for Tila Tequila's well-being is just too risky. (Last time we saw Jane, the "SASHA FIERCE" of Tila's Dissociative Identity Disorder she put a gun in Tila's mouth on livestreaming web TV.)  ..... (Sasha Fierce is the demon spirit that hes been put inside Beyonce, will talk about that later on another post but check this out for some info)

2. Little Tila - Young pure innocent virgin version of Tila
"Tila said there’s another personality in her that she calls Little Tila. She said she’s very shy and very scared. Howard wanted to talk to her. Howard said hello to her and asked if she was very shy and if she likes anal. Little Tila didn’t know what anal was. She said she didn’t want to talk."
Tila describes her: “She’s the snuggly, cuddly, innocent version of me. That’s why sometimes you wonder why I act like a little girl sometimes. Well, that’s actually “LITTLE TEE” she’s very shy. But I KNOW you’ve all spoken to her before. Ahhh now the truth starts to come out and make some sense… LOL” 

3. Owen 

Old British Pervert

4.  Caroline 

English woman from Oxford.

But anyway... The point of this update is SHE IS NOT HERE TO EXPOSE ANYTHING... she unfortunately is a victim.. a puppet being puppeteered essentially.

This may seem hard to believe but study the case of Cathy Obrien, We did a blog exposing her story and it really helps you relate with and understand that this is dark secret of todays society... kids are abused, brainwashed, and then made pawns to be used by the controlling elite. 

I have a lot more to say on the Tila Tequila issue but may aswell save this for a new post.

She was posting online a while ago (clearly another personality) and it was preaching about the whole new age coming, and the alien brothers and sisters... and throwing passages of the Bible around aswell..

If you have seen our blogs on the fallen angels and "alien" agenda... you will know this is all evil lies... this is a demonic spirit or a programmed lie that she has been taught to repeat.. and spread the lies about aliens etc.

 Do not go to her for knowledge or truth, remember she is a victim and pray for her and all the MK ultra victims even suffering today. God Bless team hope this helped.

Feb 2016 Update*

So Tila was removed only after a day or 2 in the Big Brother house, her Aryan personality came out and voiced her views about Hitler... and I believe the handlers decided to pull her out, the big brother show said she had to be removed, and that was the last of her in the house.

Since then she has been keeping normal personalities and taking care of the poor child that is without doubt under-going the same abuse and MK programming she did.

But just this month, she has had a break out event again, and exposed some things she should not be talking about... expect her to be reprogrammed soon if this keeps up... 

she tweeted...

"Someone I know who's obviously NOT from Houston told me I need 2 stop saying the N word. 
Well, if u want change then stop saying it in songs. You can't expect people of all races 2 listen to popular music and not have the N word embedded into their heads..... but that's my opinion. 
 Example: @NICKIMINAJ has a song where she says "N----" over 100 times & has violent gun visuals 2 the music vid! What outcome did u expect? Trust me, I don't listen to her crappy songs created specifically to trigger black manchurian candidates. Because most people don't realize that visuals + music aka soundwaves can trigger & activate certain responses in people who are unaware. Some of these crappy songs target mostly black people."

... the key thing in that is obviously "Trust me, I don't listen to her crappy songs created specifically to trigger black manchurian candidates. Because most people don't realize that visuals + music aka soundwaves can trigger & activate certain responses in people who are unaware"

This is a major break down that the media will brand "crazy" or "mental" in an attempt to justify this MK victims erratic behaviour and bold confessions.

And it gets even more bold... she goes on to tweet on 17th Feb 2016... "I am currently going through behavioural modifications and deprogramming of my previous assassin program. Now i have to learn to love."

Amazing. Its funny how the sheep can read all of this and be blissfully unaware of the mental torture and programming she has been through... how many will ask who it is modifying her behaviours and deprogramming the assassin alter...

its surreal folks... 

some other tweets during this break down...

"Someone please tell my brother, Jason Bourne that I am still alive but they refuse to release me! Just tell him this trigger word: platypuss" 17th Feb 2016

Although most will brand this crazy talk... she is clearly relating to the MK Ultra themes clearly woven throughout the Jason Bourne movies...

"I have been sitting in 1 single room for 5 hours! I am being brainwashed again. As soon as I leave here I am going to shoot up a theater!"

She posted a photo of herself and I am amazed at how fried she looks, remember the eyes are a window to the soul, and this is a tormented programmed and broken soul.

I will be keeping an eye out for updates on this, no doubt it wont be long before she has a fall, or seizure, or something worse as an excuse for reprogramming... Pray for her and especially the child she gave birth to, I know too well what that child suffers at these programming centres... God bring judgement.

Original Post

The Illuminati control the world, they control media, banking, politics, law, medicine.. you name it they have their claws sunk in deep, and it is totally under their power. A good way to think about how much power they have in the year 2012, is to realise they began printing America's money in 1913, through the Federal Reserve, this gave them the ability to print as much money as they wanted and use it for whatever purpose while simultaneously bankrupting the nation by charging interest on every single bill printed.

Perfect plan to destroy, were now seeing the culmination beginning...

How much power do you think you can gain between 1913 and the year 2012.. while having unlimited funds to use? they own it ALL.

I have many whistle blower accounts on this blog and this one is another great expose of the Illuminati by an insider big name... Tila Tequila, she was a party girl and had a few MTV shows, and did not seem to be too famous, however the amount she knows speaks for itself, and the amount she exposed does the same.

She posted all of this truth on her blog which was quickly copied and saved by a truth seeker, before the blog was removed.. why was the blog removed? you should know why it was removed, because she was telling you the truth.

I will have all that she posted listed below.

"Ever feel like you're in the wrong place?

Truth: Lady Gaga amongst others turning to the "devil"

Ok first of all, do you guys notice how lately, music video's have a very dark and satanic vive to them?? For instance a few years ago, pop music videos were fun, sexy, cute etc. Sort of like when Britney Spears was at the peak of her career and had fresh pop music videos like "Stronger" or" I'm a slave for you" "don't let me be the last to know" etc. You get my point. Compare music videos from back then until just now. Very recently in the past few years. Especially once Lady Gaga stepped up to the scene, all music videos has turned very dark & satanic! I'm not joking.

Even Beyoncé is now in on it. I don't want to tell you all of what I know, right now, because they are watching. As a matter of fact, I had a huge battle with the others for a long time and I must admit, they are powerful. But there needs to be someone, anyone, to stand up against them and for world to be restored back into peace and harmony once again. 

Hmmm… How can I put this. Well, all Lady Gaga's video, even Beyoncé's new video, XTINA, Miley Cyrus. They are all of a sudden very dark and satanic! There are tons of hidden messages in the video and symbols that prove that they worship Satan. Please don't take this as a joke. It is not and itis serious. The government even now has a way to send out frequencies on your TV that you cannot hear, yet it highly affects your brain and mixed in with all the visuals from the music videos, you become hypnotized without even realizing this. That sounds crazy right? Well it's true. I've been studying about this for the past seven years now and kept quiet about it for a long time, except when I chat with other groups of people I know they also know about the others if I told you the entire thing, it will really blow your mind away, but I feel it is so important for people to know that it's happening to them."

She is telling you the truth, she has no reason to make all of this up, notice her tone in the posts are very concerned and serious, i am sure many sleeping sheep will say she is crazy and its not real, but people with their eyes open know how much truth her story holds, she posted more...

"This all leads to the urgency of what the government knows about the 2012. Of the world ending. It's not exactly what you think. There's a lot more to it, I wish I could tell you, but like I said, I will post more blocks to hint to you little by little of what I know and who I come in contact with to find out even more stuff about this. There has been something going on it sets off the red alert urgency signal so that's why all the pop music videos are becoming more and more satanic and the artists involved are joining in with the others so they know what they are doing. Have you guys heard the term sell your soul to the devil and you get whatever you want? Well that's actually true, however the devil is real. Rihana, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, XTINA, Miley Cyrus, and yes even Taylor Swift amongst hundreds of others are now part of the allegiance. It's all hush-hush but I know about it, and I know maybe some of you guys know about it as well. I won't say it, like I did on my twitter back then, cuz when I did, all of a sudden Twitter block my tweets so no one could see them, and MySpace is also blocked all my bulletins about this stuff. Crazy right?"

"Anyway, the reason behind them doing this with the urgency of the music videos is because they need to turn your brain into mush, so that you just become a vegetable, a robot, a zombie, under their command and not realize it. Have you guys seen the movie eyes wide shut? Well it is very similar to that as well as the movie devils advocate I'm telling you, this goes far beyond just entertainment is a lot of thought the ship going on right now behind the scenes, the conspiracy theories and leading up to the world ending. You would be shocked if I told you which celebrity has the same bloodline as the devil God I wish I could tell you more. But for now, I will stop and continue another time.

Just keep in mind next time you see all these music videos, if you watch it too much, you too, will be infected and become a zombie, a slave to the government, without you even realizing. As for Lady Gaga, she has the most satanic messages and videos. They used her and use her music and say it's art but really it's to mindfuck for you like her new Alejandro music video. My God, I couldn't even begin to point out so many symbolic signs of devil worshiping and symbols that link back to the others.

I for one, was sent on earth from God. To be one of his angels to try to help this world that is half white and half dark. There is right now a critical war between good and bad. I am on the good side, and that is why they're always trying to get me. Anyway there's more I have to tell you about the frequency they are sending out via your TV, your cell phones and many more that send radio waves into your brain to start turning you all into zombies and enslaved under the others.

Now I was nasty and to write this blog as I know they are forever watching and are very powerful. I feel as a human being, people have a right to know what is happening to them and I am here, God sent me here, to fight this war against the darkness and these people who practice satanic rituals, that is now being shown on your TV for even your children to watch exhibition what I mean, Lady gaga hung herself in one of her music video awards with blood dripping everywhere! Now on her new Alejandro cover there is a devil like man can dream her naked, lifeless body, with a huge slit on the side of her and blood. Yet people think that's okay because it's "ART?" no.

Ok well if you guys are interested, I will tell you more. This is just the first level, I can take you deep, deep, deep into this and teach you so much more about the crazy mad shit that has been going on, and who is in alliance with who. You would be shocked to know. But just know, they "They" have been lying to you guys for a very long time!

I gotta to go now, don't want to cause too much commotion about this before they come and do me wrong again. I will tell you one day how they did me wrong because I knew stuff about them. Major stuff about them and once they find out that I knew, they did some thought up shit. They own the majority of the media. They can do and say whatever they want, anyway, enough for now....

As for my fans/haters, who dodn't understand what I'm talking about, please disregard this post. But for people who do know what I'm speaking of, I will continue to write more blogs like this one but each blog I will leave more and more subliminal messages so you know more about what I know......"

She exposed the truth, she is an insider, highly likely a victim of the MK Ultra Monarch Program, and she gave you the plain and simple truth on that blog, the ENTIRE website of hers was removed days later, ask yourself WHY, if she had not made those postings do you think her website would be taken down? randomly and suddenly for no apparent reason? think smart here.

Not long after her site was closed, Tila was rushed to hospital for some reason.. strange, and while her being in hospital, we did not really get a solid reason as to why she was in.

Conflicting reports have surfaced on the cause of reality star Tila Tequila's alleged recent hospitalisation, ranging from a brain aneurysm to a drug overdose to a suicide attempt.
According to a report from Radar Online, the “Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” star was recovering Monday after spending a week in the hospital following a brain aneurysm, which sources say caused her to “think irrationally” and ingest “two bottles of unspecified heavy prescription drugs.”

Read more: Conflicting Reports Emerge About Reality Star Tila Tequila's Hospitalisation | Fox News 

All of this adds up to the fact Tila Tequila told the truth.. and was punished, most likely underwent more programming of her mind after this outburst, reminds me of Britney Spears (known MK Ultra) when she flipped out.. couple of days later she was off to "Rehab", that is where they re-program the celebrities, there is a deeper meaning behind Amy Winehouse not wishing to be sent to rehab.

The following video has good information.

Tila Tequila Video

This is the Truth, and she is helping expose it all! For those who don't even believe in the Illuminati or believe they have any control, PLEASE WAKE UP, their one world government is no longer decades or centuries away, its hear, get educated about whats happening, realise the book of Revelation in the Bible has already warned us about this world government that was to come... 2000 years ago!! 

There is no way to stop what is going to come, but knowledge itself is power, if you realise this is all based on devil worship, the worship of Lucifer, the devil from the bible.. it should not take you long to conclude.. the people who run the planet, worship one of the main characters of the Bible.. maybe the other main character is also real?

HE IS, AND HE WANTS YOU SAVED! Please educate yourself about Bible Prophecy, and the Illuminati Antichrist One World Agenda, the Bible makes it clear when this final world empire is set up in the "last days" the Antichrist.. will be the ruler over it, these satanic devil worshippers are well aware of that.. and that is their underlying bottom goal, make their God Antichrist appear.

The Bible already has warned us.. that all this will happen, there is no point in trying to stop it, we should be letting people know about ALL OF THIS, no matter how crazy you sound, and hopefully getting people saved, accepting Jesus as their personal Savior and guaranteeing their way into heaven, these are end times people and you will be on one side or the other!

Please end up on the side that goes to eternal paradise! If Your wondering about prophecies in the bible we have some detailed, and also if your worried about accepting Jesus and making sure you are forgiven when God judges you on judgement day, check these links out, and please SPREAD and SHARE this truth!

Entire New World Order - Exposed In Bible Prophecy

Find Out If Your Going To Heaven or Hell.. As Things Stand

May God Bless you Team

Saturday, 4 August 2012

New World Order - The True Satanic Agenda Exposed

May God Bless you Team

The New World Order, has many different agenda's, most people know about the world government, depopulation, but i think it is most important to realize one of these devil worshipers most important goals is to bring the individual away from God, there plan is to corrupt society's ultimately to achieve a goal for Satan and take Gods children away from being saved.

The new world order will be the last world empire the bible described in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation, they outline this final world empire and its characteristics, this last world government will be that empire Daniel and Revelation was describing, and the scary part of that is it tells us unmistakably that this world empire will be ruled by the Antichrist.

Paul Henry Spock said in 1957:
"We need no commission, we have already too many. What we need is a man who is great enough to be able to keep all the people in subjection to himself and to lift us out of the economic bog into which we threaten to sink. Send us such a man. Be he a god or a devil, we will accept him."

So while people think the new world order is just rich people trying to take over humanity, thats not really true, these people worship Satan, and their main goal is to bring their God the Antichrist to the planet, not simply to control everyone for power, some elites may believe that is the goal, but the elites at the top, Rothschild, are heavily in to the occult and Satan worship and they are completely aware of the true goal.

This may sound crazy but i bet the first time you heard 9/11 was an inside job you said it was crazy too, a little research a couple times watching 9/11 loose change and you have got a changed opinion am i right? knowledge changes your opinion on things, the point of this blog is to share some of the complete truth to you about this new world order, a lot of Christians should already know this, and hopefully a lot of truth seekers will see clearly, the bible, written 2000 years ago, is being fulfilled, TODAY.

The following two films are made by Jack Van Impe, and if you are wondering what you can be expecting over the coming few years, you have to watch these 2 videos, he describes the overall new world order, people behind it, what the bible says about it, and how the bible clearly warns us what is going to come, if you don't know what the bible says about it, its time you find out because its going to get REALLY REAL soon, please watch these 2 videos and then share the truth of what is to come.

New World Order Rising

Dictator of The New World Order, Alive and Waiting

Please share these video's, they are a rare truth, if you don't believe them to be true, God help you, please just examine the entire new world order, in all different aspects live music, movies industry, mind controlled celebrities, Monarch programming, 9/11 etc, etc, etc, etc before you give up and call this all not true, i assure you this is the truth and if you devote time into researching more about it you will find its true.

God bless he who hath an ear

May God Bless you Team

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Kent Hovind's 2012 take on Mandatory Chip Implant by March 2013

May God Bless you Team

The Obamacare law that mandates everyone must be chipped by March 2013  has sparked controversy and i think the best answer to all this comes from Kent Hovind, he wrote regarding the people who believe this to be a myth..

One of the resident atheists/scoffers here read the article about the Obamacare health law requiring microchips to be implanted and had a “rebuttal” sent in from “Snopes”— whoever that is. According to the “rebuttal,” the rumor of the microchip is not true. Snopes says there is nothing in the law to require anyone to be implanted with a chip and never was.
Having a long history of dealing with skeptics and scoffers I have learned to read what they say a little more carefully than some. :) They have a tendency to be…willingly ignorant.
Snopes claims the page numbers cited are part of a “now-irrelevant” Bill HR 3200 that is not the same as the one that actually passed. OK…I can’t research that from here to see if that is true but… he (she?) from Snopes is missing several key points:
1. The fact that the chip was in the language of the originally proposed bill clearly shows the mindset of those who wrote the bill, namely they want to mandate that everyone receive an implanted device to monitor various things about health care. Read the article referred to in my previous blog to see for yourself. It DOES allow the Secretary to mandate an implanted device.
Anyone who has studied the history of the Social Security (SS) numbering system and how it was sold to the public in the 1930′s will understand how those numbers work. Those pushing for SS in the days surrounding the creation of the social security system said clearly in the debate, and even on the early SS cards, that the system was “not for identification purposes” and that the entire social security system was “voluntary.” What happened to that?
Any implanted 21st-century microchip will obviously be used eventually for not only identification but also for tracking and financial transactions. See Revelation 13.
2. NOBODY in Congress or the Senate even read the 2,400-page bill before they voted on it, as it arrived on their desks shortly before the vote was taken. In spite of the fact that both law and common sense require that bills be posted and studied for several days before any vote is taken, ObamaCare was not. Like most bills, the language in the bill is very ambiguous and certainly gives the “Secretary” PLENTY of wiggle room to still make it a mandate. The full details will be in the implementing regulations which will follow this bill/law. Is Snopes willing to put up a hefty bond that there is NO POSSIBLE way the current language could EVER be interpreted to accomplish the original intent or requiring an implant? Or that the forthcoming implementation regulations will not have the requirement? Has he (she?) read the entire law? Or even seen the law? Have you seen the law? Has your Congressman read the law NOW?
3. Is Snopes or anyone else willing to bet that the same language or idea is NOT still in the bill, just on different pages or scattered in various places to be collected later by a clever lawyer?
4. Even if this law does not require the microchip type device to be implanted it is abundantly clear that the Bible says a ‘mark’ system to buy or sell WILL happen. See Revelation 13.
5. It is also clear that over the last 20 years or so, millions of these chips have already been implanted in animals and people. Mexico has been putting them in their political leaders for a long time! It is obvious to most everyone with at least one eye and half of a brain, that the world is racing toward an all electronic transaction type system. It is also obvious that this will eventually become mandatory because cash, checks, credit cards etc simply will not be accepted.
6. Revelation 20 is also clear that MANY refuse to take the mark and are martyred for their faithfulness in the last days! Satan’s kingdom will be “partly strong and partly broken” according to Daniel 2. All through history, Satan and his followers have tried to force their plans on the followers of God and gotten VERY angry if the followers object. Cain sure used force on Abel! Pharaoh used force on the Jews in Egypt. Hitler used force on any who opposed him. Muslims force their beliefs on any who resist as do Communists. The list goes on and on! Those who refuse the mark in the future will be forced to make a hard choice.
I suggest everyone get busy NOW and win souls and encourage others to serve the Lord. Daniel 12:3 tells about the Grand Prize! Go for it! My book, The Adventures of the Hovind Grandhilcren, from the letters to my grandchildren is available on Hope you will get that book and read it to some young children in your life!
See you at the finish line!
Kent Hovind

Good to hear he is doing well! and still on track saving souls! for all of Kent Hovinds updates from prison visit Kent Hovind Blog.

The RFID technology is described 2000 years ago in the book of Revelation, why you ask? because God told us what to expect, plenty more still to come, read the book of Revelation for yourself, were living in end times its plain to see!

Get saved bro's and sisters time is short whether you want to acknowledge it or not, ask yourself if you died tonight would God let you in to heaven? not without Jesus Christ so trust me people investigate the subject! 

May God Bless you Team