Sunday, 15 July 2012

MK Ultra - Celebrity Mind Control Victims

May God Bless you Team

This is a huge part of the conspiracy that has overtaken our world, since the US government perfected mind control technology in the 1950's, this has became more widespread and more easy to use.

Uses include controlling a mind from as early as childhood, through molesting and causing trauma to the child at a young age (Trauma Based Mind Control). Also please click any ads you see on this site to support us! we appreciate every click!

I am not saying every single celebrity is mind controlled and a victim, but many are. Many are willing participants in the satanic worship which rewards them with wealth and fame.

This is a must watch for anybody who is interested in what i have said so far, this is one of the best detailing's of Celebrity Mind Control i have seen, and it will really give you a better perspective of what is happening on our planet.

The Truth is stranger than fiction, if you do not believe that any celeb's are victims of mind control you really have not researched this topic enough, it is widespread and known about by MANY, Alex Jones even talks about the "Monarch Butterfly" MK ultra mind control programme, this is the programme a lot of celebrities are victims of, but i only ask you take the time and watch this amazing video, it will show you the truth. God Bless.

MK Ultra - Celebrities Monarch Butterfly Mind Control Exposed

Please share this with anyone who will take the time to educate their self and watch this, Celebrities are not at all how you and the media portray them.

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