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Links To all Kent Hovind Video Tapes

May God Bless you Team

Before i was saved to God i was a complete different person to what i am today, Jesus helps, Seek and ye shall find.

This is not his wife, It's just a picture of her

But the day i started looking into God, straight away i found Kent Hovind, and that's the day i realised that Evolution was part of the entire satanic agenda, to corrupt people from God, and that it is without doubt not true.

I then watched his whole seminar, all 17 hours roughly, and he answered everything, i knew nothing about God but after watching it all, he had set the foundation, i could see clearly the bible does fit with history, i can see the proof of the bibles account of creation, i can see how dinosaurs logically fit in with the bible and it makes a million times more sense! no billions of years involved trust me.

Anyway almost 2 years later, i dedicate this page to Kent Hovind, God has blessed him with lots of wisdom and understanding and any one atheist or not should watch his materials in full and see what you think! here are most of his tapes and seminars, he has lots of debates i will add links to see them as well, all of these tapes will be useful to any Christian and especially to those who are not, these videos saved my soul, and millions of others around the world, don't be ashamed to change a point of view when the truth smacks you in the face.

This is all seven parts of the creation seminar that changed my life and saved my eternal soul, EVERY ONE SHOULD TAKE TIME AND WATCH THIS, WHERE ARE YOU GOING WHEN YOU DIE? HOW SURE ARE YOU?

Kent Hovind: Creation Seminar Part Three

Anyone still believing the satanic lie of evolution, educate yourself, it does not happen, God made everything - survival of the fittest, does not prove arrival of the fittest.

Those videos are enough to turn any person truly seeking to find out if God exists, and even some not seeking, i watched those with a sincere open mind and heart, and i was shown the facts, 2 years later everything i have discovered since has lined up perfect and i have found even more proofs of the bible than Kent Hovind has shown.

Kent Hovind is definitely blessed with wisdom and understanding, there are some of his more obscure video tapes but the content is gold, and useful to any Christian.

Kent Hovind even exposes the new world order, in great detail and with great accuracy in what he says.

Kent Hovind understood what was to happen due to his understanding of the Bible, it clearly teaches a new world order to come in the last days for it to be ruled by Satanic people, and eventually run by the Antichrist, knowing that, his research led him to the truth easily, God gives wisdom to those who seek it! This guy is a must share with anyone who is not saved or does not believe, i challenge anyone to sit through his entire creation seminar (17 hrs) and after it not believe the Bible is true, he puts it too clear.

Please share his work, here are some tapes in general that will help any who watches them.

Kent Hovind: Where is The Bride? - Part Three

There are plenty more resources available from Kent Hovind that i have not listed on this page, he does a college course basically a long expansion of the 7 part seminar he does, he does a show called Answering The Critics, where he answers the PLENTY of Anti-Hovind websites the atheists put out, what person do you know who takes time to do that? this guy was telling the truth, he also does  a number of debates that can be found on Youtube by searching "Kent Hovind Debate 0?" there are around 20 i believe available, i encourage any Christian or anyone seeking God to watch all of his tapes.

See if it does not help you straighten out your priorities, also contact me if there are any other sources i should list.

Kent Hovind's old website was Dr his new site is run by his son Eric.

Good Kent Hovind resource website.

2015 Hovind website -

Kent Hovind Blog - Updates From Prison

Hovind Blog

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