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Know Your Enemy - Do You Want To Learn EVERYTHING About The Devil?

May God Bless you Team

Most people in today's world don't even believe there is a devil, that he is made up.. however these people are sorely misinformed and mostly brainwashed.

Hollywood and the media has set out a relentless attack on our minds in a number of different ways, our views on Satan are one of those areas they have attacked, they release TV programmes like Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, so that we see what is on these make believe shows, and therefore associate it as not being real.

Fantasy to make you believe the real thing IS NOT REAL

They use movies like Paranormal Activity and show a seemingly real looking household being attacked by demon spirits, it looks so real that many believed it to be real footage and not a staged film, i believe this was done on purpose, so that when people investigate the movie further, and find out that it was all actors in the film, they relate the events to "just in movies" and if you believe in that sort of stuff you have been "watching too many scary movies".

Scene from Paranormal Activity

But these witchcraft practises have been used for thousands of years in cultures all over the planet, and some cultures still today, they are very real and there are a number of witches who have exposed their former covens, and explain the practises are very real, and these are the people who actually done these magic rituals and are telling you they work.

Same can be found with ex-satanists, who end up getting out and getting saved, they expose everything they were involved and once again confirm it is very real.

Millions of people all over the world have experimented with Ouija Boards, and this is contacting demon spirits and opening yourself up for an attack, millions of people will swear that they had a supernatural incident, and cannot be explained by any logic, yes, they exist it is very real.

Object for contacting demons, sold to all 

And a wise man once said the devils greatest trick was convincing the world he did not exist, so i intend to show you he does exist, he has always existed since the garden of Eden, yes not billions of years ago, roughly 6000 years ago, and he has been behind events since the beginning.

This video series project is called Know Your Enemy, i have recently watched the entire thing and am encouraging any person who would consider themselves a "truth-seeker" to watch all parts of this project, and you will have so many answers put in front of you, truths about satanism, ex-witches, the catholic church, about the new world order, about the United Nations, about Islam, about EVERYTHING!

It is such a must watch i cant strongly suggest enough everyone takes time, to watch this entire video series of information, Christian or non-Christian! because it should really show you the world in a different light!

The video series was put together by Mark Fairley, and the project is known as The Fuel Project, an excerpt from the Fuel Project Facebook page reads..

"FUEL EXISTS TO... nourish, sustain, encourage, stimulate, inform & inspire Christians to understand, engage with, and change their world. "

This video series will definitely fuel a lot of Christians with will to win this battle, and will also show a lot of people who are not saved, the very realness of the devil and his presence that has always plagued our world.

The following is a link to Part One of the 79! part video series, if you click this link it will open the playlist as well, so you can sit back and it will play the parts automatically.


Part One - Know Your Enemy - Playlist Play


Make sure you add check out The Fuel Project Facebook page and support this information being spread! it is new! so help spread it once you have watched it! 

In Jesus name get it watched! 

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