Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ex-Illuminati Member Exposes New World Order - Full Testimony

May God Bless you Team

This is a testimony of Doc Marquis who was born in to an Illuminati family, he testifies to how very real they are, how he was brought up in it, what he seen, and what he knew and now knows. Unfortunately there are many more people who expose the Illuminati, so this is not just a segregated account, it is backed up by many other whistle blowers who have lost their life's, one example John Todd, do research on him.

Doc Marquis

His testimony is called Arrival Of The Antichrist, it is called that because he is well aware the people ruling this world are preparing for the Antichrist arrival, and the world government will be its reign, this testimony is verified by lots of other sources, research the claims he makes and you will see they are all valid.

This is a very secret portion of truth that not many people get right down to, they discover the Illuminati control music and the interest ends their, or they realize they control everything and go back in to slavery, uncaring of what the future will bring, people need to realize this entire conspiracy does go back to the bible, and its all to do right now with the Book of Revelation coming true, and ultimately showing you the Bible is the word of God, and that God also lets us know we are all sinners and we will all be judged equally, so if you have lied, stolen, coveted, blasphemed ever in your life, your a sinner, and God will judge you for it.

The only way you can be forgiven for all sin and get to heaven, is to accept Jesus Christ, and your sins are forgiven from that day on, do not accept Jesus Christ and you have no life in you, you will be judged in your sin and will never see LIFE, so its really silly not to accept Jesus, you should realize demons, spirits, they are real, they are not logical or scientific, but Ouija Boards, ex-satanists and witches all swear to practicing in conjuring up demons and using them? so if they are real, perhaps the God who warns us to stay away from these evil spirits is also real? 

Just have a look at Doc's Illuminati plot exposing testimony and after you watch all parts, SHARE IT WITH SOMEONE, the following is a link to the playlist on Youtube it is in 22 parts, click play all and watch right through.

He explains the entire satanic meaning behind the dollar bill, the Illuminati pyramid, The Washington  road lay out, and thats just to start it off, he goes in depth and exposes much more satanic subjects and meanings, really key knowledge for any real truth seeker.

Doc Marquis Full Testimony Playlist

Or you can click part by part, below is part one 

Doc Marquis Testimony Part One

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