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Evidence of God - There is PLENTY

May God Bless you Team

When people make the claim my faith is based on no knowledge science or evidence i actually smile, some people have misunderstandings that they base their life on, that will prove to be a health hazard in the long run.

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I don't base my beliefs on nothing at all, nor does the Lord expect me to, that is the reason he makes known what will be in the latter days, the only purpose of Bible prophecy is to show the truth that he is the God of Gods and Lord of ALL.

"But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known.. what shall be in the latter days." - Daniel 2:28

And there are plenty of proofs from bible prophecy which are clearly of God, no man could predict these things, for a real breakdown of a few of these see here!

And if that is not enough proof which it is, its clearly a book which tells the future! - but if you require more? God has another little "fingerprint" which shows us the word of the bible is his word, by using special codes hidden within the bible.

This sounds a bit funny but trust me this is the proof of God, they are found searching the original writings in the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible) these codes are found using equidistant letter sequencing, ELS, they search for example 7 letters, write the letter, skip another 7, write the letter, skip 7 write the letter, and they end up with coded messages seemingly put there by an intelligent design! 

All sorts of codes have been found and actually are of unreal chances and silly numbers that it happened by chance, they foretell events like 9/11. Oklahoma city bombing and much more.

Now there is plenty to read on this, it is honestly astounding, a man found the Prime Minister of Israel's name using the codes, and through his name found ASSASSIN WILL ASSASSINATE, he got word to the Prime Minister and he apparently ignored it, one year later he was assassinated, that's a true story and if you want to learn more click here!

So anyone saying there is no real evidence for God really has no clue! but this blog is just to highlight a couple of amazing TV shows that were released by Dr Carl Baugh called Creation in the 21st Century and it produced amazing evidence for the truth and legitimacy for the entire bible, so here are a few of the best episodes i believe and you can find A LOT more on Youtube and by visiting there website

And i will also add some amazing video's from Chuck Missler (Chuck Missler Website) which really shows how ignorant of the facts you have to be to NOT believe the bible, i assure you 5 years ago i did not believe, but i had not looked either, when i looked and saw, I WAS SHOCKED, so i hope you look and have the same shock, this is the truth.

Creation in the 21st Century - Creation and Mathematics - The impossibility of evolution clearly shown.

Creation in the 21st Century - Design Requires a Designer - Design does indeed require a designer - AND WE ARE ASTOUNDINGLY AMAZINGLY DESIGNED.

Creation in the 21st Century - Shaking Evolution (Dr. Robert Gentry) - Robert Gentry has proved and written books on how the world could never have been molten mass, instant creation! AMAZING, people cannot deny the information contained in these video's.

Understanding Creation Part One - Great help in understanding the creation, Yes, it FITS PERFECT with the Bible.
Understanding Creation Part Two

The Flood of Noah - Not Billions of Years FACT - All those Fossils and all those layers of rock don't prove millions of years, not all of the flawed dating techniques in the world can refute this shows findings! 

There are so much more amazing find's in some of Dr Baugh's programs and he has so much expert guests on by the time you watch half of his shows the evidence has overwhelmed you, great man.

But now on to Chuck Missler presenting his evidence for the bible, this is hardcore, Chuck Missler has proved the bible in my eyes with his work, he makes you realise to believe against all the evidence that we have (which most are unaware of) you are basically believing in billion and billions to 1 of a chance, its incredible how he details it.

Chuck Missler - The Science of God Part One - This really goes in detail to the mathematics and facts most evolutionist's don't talk about or are not aware of, watching this 2 part series will give you good knowledge.

Chuck Missler - The Science of God Part Two

Chuck Missler - How We Got Our Bible Session One - THIS IS AN INVITE TO ALL THE UNEDUCATED OR MISINFORMED PEOPLE ON THE SUBJECT, this is the truth about how we got our modern day Bible and is KEY for any Christian to see this, and also critics aswell, let the light shine brother the truth is great.

Chuck Missler - How We Got Our Bible Session Two

If you have seen the video about the Bible Codes, and would like to know more in detail these are a series you have to watch, it is proof of a creator, it could not be put in by man and the possibility of chance is just too silly to believe, it is proof of God, the same God that put this code in the word of the Bible, also tells us he will judge us, YOU TOO.

Chuck Missler - Cosmic Codes - Vol 1 (Introduction) - Part 1

Chuck Missler - Cosmic Codes - Vol 1 (Introduction) - Part 2

Chuck Missler - Cosmic Codes - Vol 2 (Microcodes) - Part 1

Chuck Missler - Cosmic Codes - Vol 2 (Microcodes) - Part 2

Chuck Missler - Cosmic Codes - Vol 3 (Macrocodes) - Part 1

Chuck Missler - Cosmic Codes - Vol 3 (Macrocodes) - Part 2

Chuck Missler - Cosmic Codes - Vol 4 (Metacodes) - Part 1

Chuck Missler - Cosmic Codes - Vol 4 (Metacodes) - Part 2

If you take the time to watch the breakdown of these codes, done brilliantly by Chuck Missler, you will see clearly there had to have been a designer to put them there, it could not have been done by man, nor is it logical to think they are there by chance - THE GOD THAT WILL JUDGE YOU ONE DAY PUT THEM THERE, TAKE THE WARNING AND BE SAVED!

Will update more evidence of God in future - THERE IS PLENTY - Don't let anybody tell you otherwise and also Evolution is stupid.

Get Saved, Jesus is coming back and you better be on his side.

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