Thursday, 12 July 2012

Obama MANDATORY Chip Implant

May God Bless you Team

Obamacare Law HR3200, that NOBODY read before they voted for it, requires that everyone get an implanted micro-chip by March 23, 2013.

Obama cares so much about you, he wants to make sure your safe 24/7

*Update Feb 2013* 
The Implant section has been removed from the bill and is not mandatory for March 2013 any longer, many point to this and say, that should show you conspiracy theorists! ... i reply to that with, THAT SHOULD SHOW YOU NON BELIEVERS, the fact this very thing was IN THIS BILL, should show you the type of mentality the people in control have, and where this is heading, cashless society

All Christians who just read that should have alarm bells ringing all over the place, THEY ARE PREPARING US FOR THE FINAL CHIP... THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:" - Revelation 13:16

There it is folks, 2000 year ago this was in circulation, get that? 2000 years ago, people were reading this.

nowadays technology is much improved, and reading this we can already tell it is a tiny microchip that will hold all a persons details, including there money, which will enable them to buy and sell using this chip, by looking at the following verse.

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." - Revelation 13:17

Just so that we are all clear here, i am not saying this is the mark of the beast, i am aware that it is not the mark of the beast! This is one of the many precursors to the mark of the beast. I am sure there will be many of these chips, possibly for all different purposes, some use them for tracking people, like the old and young, one for keeping medical details etc, there could be many different ones, this Obamacare law makes it MANDATORY that all people get this mark by March 2013 in America.


They will sell you it as a good thing, hey keep all of your details in one place THIS IS GREAT, ITS SO EASY, WE VOTE OBAMA! 


Do not take this microchip, never ever take a microchip in your skin, for any reason people stay wise, God told us 2000 years ago there will be a mark put *IN notice the word IN, all new translations of the bible have changed this to ON, KJV is the only trustworthy version for serious study.

Will be put IN us, and NO MAN, might BUY OR SELL, unless he has this mark, this mandatory chip in the Obamacare law is to get people used to it.

In 5 years time, imagine everyone got this chip from Obamacare, say half of Americans, then UK gets the same chip for all its residents, then people are getting it all over the world for all sorts of different reasons, eventually the only ones who won't be chipped are those CHRISTIANS WHO KNOW... not to be chipped! 

And then when the Antichrist appears to rule this world government, and he demands all take his chip... hey no big deal right? easy days right? everybody has a chip, its just a swap! take the old one out put the new one in no biggy! and Satan will deceive many into giving away their God given souls for the right to buy and sell in this world order, UNKNOWINGLY ofcourse but again, Satan will deceive many. TAKE HEED THAT NO MAN DECEIVE YOU.

So this is just a heads up to all Christians and non-Christians, we are in the end times described by the bible, the Antichrist will reign in our generation, these chips are being used to slowly indoctrinate you into this cashless microchip society, which the Antichrist can come take over and swap this little microchip, to the mark of the beast that will destroy your soul, and no longer make you a child of God, but a product of Satan.

Please look at the bible, please learn the prophecies, the ones that have passed and ESPECIALLY the ones still to happen, there are over 1,500 many passed, many still to happen, its worth a look in to, and if you are after more info on what the Bible really says about these end times, Antichrist and new world order, watch Megiddo: March To Armageddon.

A Detailed description of the bill can be found on page two at the following link



  1. Why didn't you cite page and paragraph wherein these microchips are mandatory? I'll tell you why. It's because this is a bald-faced lie. Doesn't your bible tell you not to lie? Yet, you lie with impunity. You make me sick.

    1. it does not say it is mandatory because it is implied. it states that EVERYONE will have the chip.

    2. you are right, it never says in the bible that it is mandatory. If you know how to read, you can clearly see that it is implied. the bible states that EVERYONE will have it.

    3. Read the most recent blogs posted on this site about the coming great deception sister, the mark of the beast correlates with that. It is no "microchip" that will be the mark of the beast, it will be a literal DNA change and transformation of the human being.

      Please read the latest blogs that I give some quotes from channellers supposedly channelling the "galactic federation of light" ... its how the mark of the beast will be sold to everyone. Except those who are elect and turn to Christ and avoid the deception. They will eventually fae persecution. That's why today is the day of salavation.

      Get saved now and be a part of the Bride for Christ is coming to take Her away!

  2. Thank you Momma Moonbat!

  3. had a whole comment typed moonbat it must not have sent! gutted, anyway, i am not a liar, and would never post knowingly false information! this is not false information, and you are missing the point that this RFID technology already exists, and is already being planted in humans all over the world, THIS TECHNOLOGY WAS PREDICTED 2000 YEARS AGO, and its exact use aswell, so your missing the point on purpose i presume.

    If you don't want to read the entire bill i updated this post with a link that documents what is in the bill, but remember, the tech is already in humans today, when the Antichrist comes and announces the REAL mark of the beast, heck those people are just getting a replacement! a replacement that will destroy their soul, they wont have a clue, Satan great at deceiving

  4. thanks john kane for the update...its so touching & too real to believe, i just didn't know about the entire chip in the bill.what is promised is only good and no side effect!!..i just wouldnt take in a foreign body because am a true christian and i will not be lied.

    1. Amen brother, the times we are living in is so late!! and the powers of deception are very great! Pray for wisdom and understanding in all things that you may not be deceived!! Wisdom comes from God.. Ask and ye shall receive, stay blessed brother!

  5. The truth needs to be told read you're Bible you will always find the truth in the Bible. Jesus is coming.

  6. well, i got that have been said and they're just right and true. But there's something missin here, John Kane. You see, there's so much more to this whole antichrist and mark of the beast stuff. So i suggest you try and get a copy of The Great Controversy, written by Ellen G. White. In this book is where the end time mystery is clearly revealed. Pls you can't afford to miss this book, no one can, not if you truly desire to know the truth.

    Pls you can also easily get to read this book on the internet via:
    If you open the site, search for The Great Controversy, on the search panel.

  7. I don't understand the concept of life. I want to think positively but it's hopeless. I'm deeply depressed and I find no motivation to do this essay.

  8. If your not aware or really not believing to our "FATHER ALL MIGHTY"...Then I ask you, why in the first place do we have this satan?that can make you rich and famous but take your souls as an exchange for that...and after that what will happen??He will take your lives eternaly and takes you to hell...WE WARN YOU DONT TAKE THE CHIPS even when that time comes that they will really force you to take that or they will kill you..I rather die with my souls and my believes in God,rather than die without your souls and be in that place they call hell.

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