Saturday, 14 July 2012

Cathy Obrien - Ex MK-Ultra Mind Control Victim

May God Bless you Team

This story should really spark a lot of people's closed mind's in to action, the details that Cathy Obrien reveals in this shocking expose are true, and fit the criteria of the men she is describing.

Her entire story is contained in the following clip and at some points even hard to stomach, it is a great look at the side of the world YOU DON'T GET TO SEE.

The mind controlled people on this planet are MANY and they are literal slaves to the controllers of this planet who worship Satan, these victims are put through a number of techniques proven to create alter personalities in a person's mind. These personalities can then be programmed and controlled, this was PERFECTED in the 1950's in the CIA MK Ultra programme in which many Americans were subjected to mind control.

It is now being used today by the elite of the planet to control and use certain celebrities as puppets, to control powerful men who are not part of the elite, and to control men woman and children for a variety of reasons.

Cathy Obrien is one victim who escaped with the help of a Christian who knew the right things and happened to be in the right time at the right place!

Her story is truly shocking and i hope you share this with your friends after watching. God Bless.

Cathy Obrien Full Testimony of Events


Here is a Q&A session done by Mark Philips and Cathy O'Brien ...

Cathy Obrien - Q&A

If you watched all of that, you should be feeling a little sick, but even if you are questioning her claims, DO MORE RESEARCH IN TO THIS.

It is true, and she backs up a lot of other things you have yet to find.

Here is another testimony made by Cathy Obrien in 2006, again please share this to everyone!!!

Cathy Obrien - Different Testimony 2006


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