Celebrities Who Worship The Devil EXPOSED

God Bless You All Team.

Please note. 
The entire case that these people worship the devil is not based simply on them using this hand signal. Multiple other factors come into play such as their position in mainstream media, the amount of influence they have been given, money they have been given, subliminal satanic symbols in music videos etc etc 

THIS HAND SIGNAL IS BUT A RULE OF THUMB YOU CAN USE, but many other factors must be considered. simply note that it IS a satanic salute and then futher study the individuals work.

Also to the people who say "Its the love you deaf sign" .. "its the hook em texas horns" ... "its this sign its that sign" ... please look just a little deeper.

The "HOOK EM HORNS" "I LOVE YOU" Devil sign myths EXPOSED 

We did another blog called "Evidence the Devil is Real" which has amazing videos and footage exposing these rock and roll and film stars showing their allegiance.. check out that link. Go through the videos then come back and look at these. 

You can study the entire thing in depth by going to our Documentaries You Must Watch Page 
Watch through them all... you will see the truth, praise God.

Now lets lay the basics.

Satanic Hand Gestures.

Horned Hand or The Mano Cornuto

The following is an excerpt from the "Satanic Bible"...
Horned Hand or The Mano Cornuto:

This gesture is the Satanic salute, a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of Satanism or other unholy groups. 

Now lets think about this, the original use of all of these hand signs, are satanic, they are ORIGINALLY satanic, now they have been added into the media through music artists, and movies.

Now YOU may think oh its just a hand sign, it doesn't mean anything, well if your thinking that don't be so sure, If I was a devil worshiper, and I did secret satanic signs as a salute to the devil, I would try to trick the entire world, into thinking the signs that give praise to Satan, don't actually mean anything, that way Satan can get more praise, so if your throwing up any of the signs you saw in the above link, your worshipping the devil, and you may see celebrities throwing up these hand signs and say, well they don't know what their doing... YES THEY DO, they are in the Illuminati control, IT MAKES SENSE THAT THEY ARE THROWING UP DEVIL WORSHIPING SIGNS.

They know the true intent of these symbols, but you don't, Lets look at some Satan Worshippers giving their "god" praise...

<< Kid Rock Loves The Devil
<< Barack Obama, Don't be shocked, he is a known Freemason

“We have to shape an “International Order” that can meet the challenges of our generation. The U.S. must shape a “(New) World Order” as reliant on the force of diplomacy as on the might of its military to lead.” ~ Obama
Obama in 2008 in Berlin ~ “But the burdens of “Global Citizenship” continue to bind us together. I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen – a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow “Citizen of the World.” People of Berlin – people of the world – this is our moment. This is our time.”

<< Sarah Palin, They are everywhere

<< If you are even shocked by this your not paying close enough attention, Bill Clinton

<< It runs in the family. (SEE MK VICTIM CATHY OBRIEN TESTIMONY for more on the devil Clinton's real lives)

<< George Bush - Entire Family Satanic, Devil Worshippers

Notice Satan's Handsign
Its in Movies, Its Everywhere
French President Sarkozy
Prince William, The Entire Royal Family take part in Devil Worship and Human Sacrifice, Princess Diana was a human Sacrifice after she gave birth to the offspring!
Dick Cheyney,  Lucifer put him where he is
Mccartney, Clinton, Bush... All worshipping the same devil
<<Marvel Comics (Illuminati) 
Italian Prime minister Berlusconi

Anton LaVey - Founder of the Church of Satan - Notice the Hand sign


Seriously do not let this man fool you, he worships Satan, "I'm Connected to a Higher Power" are his actual lyrics, when he writes, he often gets possessed by demonic spirits, and they will write and rap for him, this is a common practice in the satanic music industry.

This Photo shows Mccartney on the left doing a satanic hand gesture that represents 666, the three fingers being the top of the 6's and on the right John Lennon showing his true allegiance to Satan.

The Pope is another Illuminati designated puppet, well aware of the Satanic and true agenda our world is heading.

This Satanist on the other hand, is pretending to be a Christian, as well as pretending to be an American Born Citizen, he was actually born in Kenya, weird that he is the president.

Lets look at another million of these celebrities exposing who there master is, and this page will be updated continuously.

Sad Truth that Jack Black is part of these Devil Worshipers

Rihanna, Ofcourse, The devil has her soul and she will answer to God one day.

This is one other common satanic gesture that people throw up unknowingly every day because they see these role models doing it, it means 666 and is a worship sign of satan.

Every finger denotes a 6 and the curve you make at the bottom with your thumb is the bottom of all three 6's.

Lets look at a few scum bags showing who they sold out to.

Drake, This man is actually a homosexual, and sold out for the riches of the world, saluting satan with the Illuminati eye and also the 666 gesture.

Extremley Satanic and Demon Possesed Lady Gaga, whos lyrics are often attacking the Bible, and openly defying God, here she is sporting the 666 symbol, the devil has her soul.

She is a slave to the Devil

Justin Bieber sold out.

Michael Jackson been a victim all his life.

Drake - clearly happy at the success the devil has given him

Mind Control - Britney Spears is a controlled mind, probably the same here.

Katy Perry quoted as saying "and so i sold my soul to the devil" - likely MK ultra mind control programmed as well

Beyonce - Jay-z has took her soul, and gave it to his master the devil.

Justin Timberlake has been a slave since childhood.

33 Free Mason T-Pain 666
Devil's bitch

Pink 666
Pink - Satanic

Kid Cudi 666
Kid Cudi giving worship

Neyo, Order of Cosmos/Dragon/Baphomet salute, All Seeing Eye, 666
Ne-yo throwing up baphomet and 666


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    2. try better ways to convert

    3. Why are you here.Pray to God to help you get out of there


    5. i cant believe this and i sooooo loved justin KMFT

    6. Excellent, Dead Smack on Target, Gfd's Honest Truth... T.Y & God.Bless ~

  2. So sad to see all these devil worshipers.. I was only expecting Madonna and some others,but there are many.. Every celebrity is a devil worshipper..I think half of the Americans are Devil-Worshipper !

    1. Excuse me? We did what exactly to deserve such hate? Go educate yourself, you fucking bigoted idiot, then you can rant and rave about what terrible people Satanists supposedly are. Don't tell me I will go to Hell; there is no heaven or hell, and pulling the "I will pray for you, the devil has your soul" thing will not work either, we don't believe in the "devil". Our... deity, I'll call it is simply the idea of opposition to the Christian church and its teachings. I have no problem with Christians themselves, simply what they teach and preach. It's bullshit.
      Have a nice day and go educate yourself, again.

    2. Im sorry that you think that way
      nikki, im only thirteen but I have the loed my god work in me already, when I was ten I tried to strangle myself with a curtain holder. But a beaautiful voice saidto me "stop.. you have much to do." Since then I have been working on healing my depression by going to phycologists, that didnt realky help, I got bullied because I had a mental sickness (deression). I went on walks for hours every day to clear my head, that only made me think more. I took heaps of tablets daily( about four) that only made me sick.Then I decided to ask help from God, I havd been feeling much better. Also my mum had several heart attacks not knowing that they were heart attacks. When it finally got serious enough I finally called the hospital. They moved her to brisbane and we had to wait weeks for her to come out and then she had a stomouch olser and had to have an operation for THAT. I prayed every day to God your TRUE Heavenly Father and my mum came out alive after triple bypass surgury and another surgery in her stomach. Every sunday I know that when we sing praise and worship we're singingto someone; God. And when I see things like God isn't real i get affended and angry, because if God isn't real, then who wispered in my ear that very lonely night, who recovered my mum when shs had her operations. How about i stick by God and YOU go and educate yourself before you go posting things like that on the inernet

    3. Bless you. Don't ever stop believing in God. Yes, He is real. He has helped me and my family countless times. I'm so happy for you that you heard His voice and turned your life around. God bless!

    4. I am also 13 and I am a satanist. I have been a satanist for 3 years since I was raped by my PASTOR and then my dad tried to sell me to him. The bible says that any girl who has been raped may be sold to the rapist but the Satanic Bible says not to make ANY sexual advances unless the other person says that you may. Also the only reason that the "sins" are called sins is because the give humans physical, mental, and emotional gratification that god does not allow us to have. It is almost as if the bible was written by a racist, sexist, homophobic, violent, sexually frustrated man instead of a loving creator.
      in other words... I AM A PROUD SATANIST WHO HATES GOD!

    5. Hi Gabby, I see your pain. Those men that did that are so wrong for what they have done. And they will answer to Yahweh for it. I'm so sorry for what they've put you through. It was wrong and should have never happened. You are precious to Yahweh.

    6. Gabby, you really need to talk to some other adults about what happened to you. I was raped too and my family also abused me. There might be a school counselor who you can talk to. She might have ideas about how to keep you safe from any people in your family or community who are hurting you or have hurt you in the past. What your dad and pastor did was very wrong. You never deserved that, just like I didn't. I can see you were badly hurt, like I was, and you need to feel heard in order to heal your heart, body and mind. I hear you and I know this must be very hard for you. Is there a female teacher in your school who you could talk to? She could also help. There is a hotline I like to call when I am feeling upset about how I was raped. They are called CARDV and are in the USA. They can be reached at 541-754-0110 or 800-927-0197. If your dad was trying to sell you, this is a form of slavery, and these workers at the hotline can help you work out how to stop this. They are also knowledgeable about helping people who have been raped. I just think you really need to do something and get help, or else things will just get worse and more painful and more scary for you in your family and with your pastor. I waited 30 years to do something because I was too scared and my family tried to kill me several times and ended up permanently damaging my body through gang-raping me. They also did do a form of slavery with me. While it was happening I was being drugged by them putting the drugs in my food, so it was hard to escape. I was so weak and sick. I did get away though. Now I cannot have sex or children due to the permanent damage. Anyway, I'm not trying to scare you, I just need you to know that you must seek help immediately before the violence in your family gets worse or before they decide to turn you into a slave. I don't want what happened to me to happen to you. It will not get better unless you talk to a teacher or a counselor or a hotline or all of them and get help. There is also a way you can chat online in a chatroom with a volunteer specialist in surviving rape which may help called RAINN online.rainn.org. You have to click on the button that says "click away" and then sign some agreements, and then wait like 30-45 minutes to talk to someone. Make sure you use a computer that your family and your pastor do not have access to. Like one in a library or school, or one belonging to a friend. This way, they can't see your history. I wish you the best.

    7. Gabby, I tried to publish this other message to you but I don't know if it worked. I am so sad about what happened to you. I was also raped but I did not tell anyone and then my family who raped me and desired to make me a slave (sell me) just kept raping me and then they did sell me. I'm a girl. I escaped but it was hard because I was weak and sick from the drugs they were putting in my food. Anyway please talk to your school counselor or a female teacher or a trusted neighbor about what happened to you so that you can find a safe place to stay in which you will no longer be raped or sold into slavery. You deserve this. I believe you can find it if you just keep looking and asking. I kept looking and asking and finally I got my safety. Please contact these hotlines: https://hotline.rainn.org/online/terms-of-service.jsp (private chat room) or USA phone number for CARDV 541-754-0110 or 800-927-0197. I like CARDV best. It is my favorite. I wish you all the best, Gabby, just keep moving forward.

    8. Seek Jehovah GOD .the one and only True God.Give your worship to him.he is a kind&loving God.that's gonna end satan&his demons forever.and the ones that worship the devil.
      Pray to him always.and give him homage&obedience..the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one that has blinded the minds of the unbelievers.

    9. Im truely sorry for what has happened to both of yu. Ive been through similar things myself since I can remember. But I want you to know that yu are right for turning from the false church. Any church that speaks mans words more then scripture is wrong. Any church that proclaims false images as Jesus (that white dude) is false. I mean seriously read yur bibles. His hair was of white wool and feet like black stone. But please understand God had a grand design and the things ive been through made me able to save other children who were being hurt but too scared to do anything about it. God made me strong enough to stand for them. He will make you strong too.
      We will never know the full meaning and depth of the bible until we hear it from Jesus. He will have 1000 beautiful years to tell us. But as for this life evil men and women have made sure that no complete work of God will be seen by us. People want to claim that the Bible is written by man. That is true. But these men were chosen by God and Jesus and they spoke through them.
      My sisters and brothers. I beg yu to turn away from the false churches. Hold fast to your bibles. Instead of church goers become men, women, and children of God. Please be strong. The time hasnt come yet. There are more souls to be born.
      Dont be truely scared until the leaders of this world start talking about peace and one currency then we need to be ready.
      But listen great is the God that maketh my hands ready for war. As long as God has one believer he will prevail. Jesus forgives everything, well everything except the unforgivable sin of denying the holy spirit to speak through yu on the final day. As long as we live we can ask forgiveness and repent. For the dead know nothing.
      I am ofcourse paraphrasing im not at my house next to my bible.

    10. Hey Gabby you really need to look up Fiona Barnett the candy girl documentary she experienced the exact same things that you have raped by numerous politicians people in the industry and people who basically abuse their positions in high places to get what they want her own grandparents sold her into the VIP child sex slave ring basically the Christian and Catholic religion is run by satanists pretending to speak the word of God now I am no Christian myself but it even states in their own Bible that the devil will come dressed in sheep's clothing ie religion by following the devil you are basically following what they want you to follow please take a look at this doc o it will bring a lot of things into perspective if you have mind to look for the clues

    11. Gabby if you also look Fiona Barnett up on Facebook she will be able to help and advise you on any court proceedings you may want to take she already has a huge list of victims from this VIP paedophile ring that are all banding together to bring these people down

  3. not only that- I think the deaf guy in my church is a devil worshiper... and all this time I thought he was saying I love you. mine eyes have seen the light. sounds like some one got caught up in doodling questions, mans imaginations, and conspiracy's. WHICH THE BIBLE WARNS CHRISTIANS AGAINST GETTING INTO. Hebrews 13:9 / acts 20:30 / Eph 4:14 / Col. 2:2-4. You need to stop this. It makes Christians seem so silly. Satan has no secret sign. He is to wise for that.

    1. you must be aware Satan uses all forms of deceit he can, and if you look at some church of satan worship services you will see they use the horned hand sign every time they say hail satan, so yes, Satan has many secret hand signs which he uses against innocent bros and sisters like yourself, the reason this sign and many other signs are flaunted so much in the music industry is because the music industry is controlled, by none other than the enemy himself! if you want to sing the world you have to sign your name in blood.

    2. This is why it so important to know the word and have a relationship with the Lord so that you won't be led astray. People think that the devil isn't smart but we must never underestimate Satan. If he could deceive one third of God's angels who were already sitting in His magnificent presence, then who are we as merely humans. The Bible says that Satan was the most beautiful angel and that he was the angel of music... He was an actual musical instrument. I remember my parents telling me always be aware of the unseen. We fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities of darkness. They also taught me to be aware of what I listened to because the devil is a liar-the father of all lies and he controls music. It's time to wake up people.

    3. I thought he was the angel of light?

    4. He was an angel of light sister, he was cursed after he fell from heaven and was no longer the angel Lucifer but the serpent Satan who deceived eve, we were once eternal beings of light in Eden, before we fell, lucifer was once before he fell, however he can manifest as light, give the image of light, and that's what you see with these UFOs around the world, the end time deception is involving the return of these UFO fallen angels that's a must study

    5. Um..well I'm shock.. And I get it now..so satan was the angel of music n almost all his message are in music...soon he is using music as his tool to fool people

    6. What is this you say about UFO fallen angels returning? I didnt know the two were related. How can I study this?

    7. It said an error occured with first message..how can I study what you say about ufo and fallen angels? I didnt know the two were related and would like to learn more

    8. You know the biggest trick the devil has ever pull is making you believe that he doesn't exist..wake up

    9. Amen!!! Put on the Hold Armour with the sword in your hand. The devils play ground is in your mind!!!!

    10. yeah that's true.. Satan is now using VARIOUS KINDS of MUSIC to deceive people so be careful of what you are singing/following... Satan was ones a worship leader in heaven until he envied God and that's the reason why SINS were created. It's because of Satan's envious mind.

    11. I agree��������

    12. Your blog is insightful I'm not off your religious belief however I see what you see in this world I'm writing in regards to the blogger

      As for everyone else we don't need to show hatred to one another nor should we accuse nations of being Satanists or demon worshippers some are truly unaware of what is being built around them and cannot see how the music industry does nothing but destroy lives. The people in power have no concern for any of us they care for nothing but that we be slaves have you not wondered why people of good morals and character are never in power and only those who want war instead of peace.. Any one who believes in God then believes in Adam and eve... If so you then believe that all humanity was from them... How do you then hate or kill or accept the killings or harm of any human we all are brethren in some form we should all help one another and protect one another... As I stated I'm not of your faith yet I have no hatred to any of you

      Thank you for reading I hope I didn't offend anyone

    13. Thanks for all comments team!


      Check out some of the latest blogs posted on the UFO fallen angels strong delusion.

      The most important knowledge you can have seeing as it is so on the horizon, the lie will begin soon all the propaganda prep work is done.

      And for the last comment by Anonymous thank you for the kind spirit.

      I don't intend to show hatred for people with my posts my hatred is aimed at the devil deceiving them, and the actual lies themselves.

      It's very accurate to say Nations are controlled by the devil through families who he has elevated into power because they serve him.

      Research History you will find this was already underway in late 1700s/early 1800s.

      Benjamin Disraeli (1800s British PM) spoke much about the devil societies gaining power across Europe, check out his quotes.

      And ultimately brother God calls us to expose evil and be the watchmen.

      I personally was saved by the Lord opening my eyes to all this kind of darkness, and I feel called to expose it and this info can be used to glorify Christ, and bring people to the real Saviour!

      So it's all intended in love brother I hope even the evil celebrities come to know the Lord before judgement comes!

    14. Fellow Christians, If ur Saved by The Sacred Blood of Christ, Stand in the gap for ur fellow ma, assist - Non belevers to Repentance, Fight, The Good fight for Jesus... We are Selected by Thee almighty fora reason, Keep being vocal and Never distance yourself from Jesus Christ: They're Watching our backs. Diligence, Patience, Mark anyone that's-Divisional towards our bretheren and frien ds of. The Christian faith!!!!!!!(7)

  4. nice and great pictures, i like it very much and i am going to share the-complete-truth blog on my facebook with my friends, hope that they will like it
    Celebrities 2013

    1. learn to spread peace not hate.... even Jesus preached peace not hate.... tomorrow if the Captcha code ask me a 666 then I'm satanic.... grow up

    2. Do not Mock the name of Jesus.... Nobody spread hatred in this article... If you choose not to believe then don't but do not mock Jesus or Christianity. The world belong to Devil and Devil hates God and evryone who loves sex drugs nasty fashion fame money etc mocks at Jesus. Why??? Bcos he is God

  5. this scares me its pretty shocking I mean jamie lynne spears justin bieber these r innocent ppl atleast I thought they were they need to get there buts 2 church

    1. i thinks so too....GOD Is merciful i know there is a way to get out of this...i hope they find a way n retrieve their souls

    2. If you research this deeper, Justin Bieber is just playing church, He is living the satanic life and still has devil symbolism in all videos, and check out the writing on the wall behind him in his music video with fellow satanist "skrillex"

      The church thing is a front.

      Jamie Lynn is actually a sad story, like britney.

      They are MK Ultra victims of Disney programming.

      Since birth they have been molested and abused and tortured, to create these mind control slaves. (if this is first time your hearing about MK Ultra, it will sound like it can't be true, until you look into it!!)

      Once they are programmed, you can send them out, make them worldwide stars, and programme the masses with your message of choice.

      Do a search on "MK ultra Celebrities" on youtube and see what you find.

  6. good collection. we KILL THEM ALL. all satan followers. all corpse eaters. all. this is the judgment day of God. 11 oct 2018. read the details here www.V2019.org

    1. Rom 12:19    Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

  7. What if you or your friends have done this unknowingly. Can you be forgiven or will you be considering you were ignorant?

    1. Most people do this unknowing of what it really means, but none the less the sign still has that meaning with it wether the person knows or not, but God forgives all by the blood of Jesus! Once you know this is a calling card of the enemies minions, acknowledge it and use it! Turn from it and become bold for God in helping your friends learn and turn from it, eternal life is where the real party is at btw, eternal paradise, only a fool would enjoy losing that

  8. I don't know what to do I believe in jesus and I have this boyfriend I love so much and he believes in nothing,he gave up going to church,wat if he's satanic aswell I need to pray 4 him ::

    1. Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? 2 Corinthians 6:14. If you are a christian, you should be with someone who is also a christian. If he believes in nothing, it will not work and it be destruction to you and your relationship with Christ. Yes praying for him is the best thing to do, but its not a good idea to date someone who isn't a christian, its very dangerous.

    2. Not sure if any of my post went through but I have to post this one last time. This is for Endurance, pray for your boyfriend ask all who you know that is a believer in Christ Jesus to pray for him and that you will also become stronger in your faith. Christ died for all of us even for your boyfriend. My boyfriend wasn't a Christian when I met him and now I can see how much he loves Jesus and he is a Christian now. Everyone and anyone can be saved and forgiven. "Forgive then Father for they do not know what they do" Jesus said this on the cross before he died for all of our sins. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son." Jesus died to save us all. Not just the believers, for the bible says before the sacrifice of Christ we "all" fell short of grace and through Jesus Christ we may all enter Heaven. :) I will pay for you and your boyfriend. I always ask Jesus when it came to my relationships, "Dear Jesus if it's not what you want for me or if it is, bless it or take it away."

  9. wow im amazed that so many celeb. are so openlly showing on whose side they are on. I shall do the same when the time is right, for now, i will continue to teach others. Satanas Regnant

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. So what if they do worship Satan? It's a religion just like every other, but with a different God. Besides, the "openly satanic" girl, how do you know that shes satanic? Becuase she wears black? Grow up and accept different religions man.

    1. No, this is what's wrong with the world.
      I am fine accepting other people's religions... as long as it's for the good of mankind.

      But sorry. I don't see how pushing us through celebrities to worship a satanic entity is doing the world any bit of good. All they are doing now is blatantly being obvious with their illuminati/satanic involvement and pushing these perverse, overly sexualized, degrading, drugged up, anger/hate-filled media in our faces, trying to make us accept that this is the way the world has become.
      I, and many others, DO NOT want my children being brain-washed like a lot of the masses.
      Good luck everyone. These are scary times.

  12. George Carlin said it best! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6ZcA4uGgRI

  13. This is not exactly true. Those that sinned not knowing that it is a sin is not exactly sinning. Let's us go back to true worship, true worship is through life, where acts are part of it. You accused them without researching the truth. If you really want people to note the above, you need to provide more evidence. Does all of them know that this is a satanic symbol? I could say even some Christians does not know that symbol. It might be true if ever one of them worship satan, but does it really applies for all that does the sign. It might be Satan's influence, but you are under Satan's influence as well even if you do not worship Satan.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. young Micheal Jackson does not know what the 666 hand gesture was he was doing the ok hand gesture that devil shit was not that popular with kids in the 70s

    1. Thanks for comment bro, if you do a little research into MJ's upbringing, Google search MK ultra Michael Jackson, learn about the trauma based mind controlled the children in Hollywood go through

      He was programmed to salute with those hand signs and if you watch a documentary called "They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll" it documents artists from the 40s right through the 2000's

      Check that out, satan controls the entire industry at the worldwide level, you don't break that level without signing up, dave Chappelle is a good confirmation of that Katt Williams aswell although their a different type of entertainment industry

  16. Justin Bieber can't be one of those because he actually believes in God and Jesus, he even has tattoos of Jesus, a big one in his leg.
    Some people actually do the hand sign without even knowing what it means. I have done it a lot of times (without knowing what it actually meant) Even when watching Spiderman when i was little. I guess everyone has done the spiderman sign :/ I don't know about the other celebrities.

    1. He is brother, when they get to the stage they sign with one of the major record companies there is no alternative, the companies won't take them and put them to that level unless they sell out and worship satan, it sounds bizarre upon first look, but keep looking, search up Professor Griff exposing the Illuminati, and there are others you can find who speak about this

      Justin Bieber is now an idol to millions that's why he salutes satan, aswell as all these other people, and spiderman is a great example, don't believe it's "just by chance" the huge character spiderman main gesture is a satanic salute, that's not by chance, the people throwing it up don't know what their doing but none the less that's Satan's worship all over the place

      The people at the top know what these symbols mean it's the sheep being influenced that don't, and a lot of people profess to be Christians, but he's really not, check out documentary "They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll" it will really shock you!

  17. what the fuck!!!!
    i never knew all this can be true!!!!
    itz not safe anywea in the world.....feels as if evrery1 is evil!!!!

    1. thats you beginning to see this world for what it really is and who its controlled by sister the ENEMY, they are deceived! sadly, even though you may not worship satan like they do, your going to die and be in the same boat unless you make sure you dont need God? check this link sister God Bless :)


  18. You must be a lot of fun at parties. You may want to head to your local community college and sign up for a basic grammar course.

  19. Honestly, I disagree with most of this.
    People do the "I love you" sign, all the time. More then likely the sign has two meanings, have you ever thought of that? If you are saying that to sell music to the world you have to sell your soul to the devil, how do we have Christian artists? Music isn't satanic, listen to bands like Skillet, Casting Crowns, Flyleaf, NewsBoys. If you are basing it off a certain genre of music think again, there are Christian rappers, Christian pop singers. There are even Christian screamo, or post-hardcore metal bands such as August Burns Red. Many if those people you are accusing of Devil Worshipping are in fact not. Many people do the signs without actually knowing what they are. You, more then likely, have made the rock on sign, the I love you sign, and many things like that. Not only are you being hypocritical, but you are going against the Bible by judging these people. The Bible says to love all, to not judge. God will give them judgment on their judgment day. And so what if they are Satanist's? Freedom of religion. Let them worship it, you may not like it, but they can worship it. It's their right. Justin Beiber thanked Jesus for getting him where he is today, not the Devil. Until you can prove to me that those people are actually satanists, I don't believe it. You are obsessed with this conspiracy that mainly comes from jealousy within yourself. That's what's wrong with the world today, people make false assumptions. You know something? It's against the law to post false facts about people. You do not know if they are or not, unless they have openly admitted to it. You are going against the Bible by judging these people, I hope you know that. It's their choice, even if you don't like it. God will judge them when their time comes, do not judge them for that is not your job, that is Gods and Gods only. I am a Christian, and I can understand that you may be worried but honestly you don't have to be. If you really don't like these people that much then just don't listen to them, what's the use of publicizing something you don't even know to be true? You could go to jail, and also against your religion depending on what it is. You can argue with me all you want, but I do not believe in those symbols. A pentagram isn't a Satanic symbol, it's a symbol symbolizing magic, or mythical. If you don't believe me you can look it up yourself. Illumaniti means enlightening. The upside down cross was traditionally used as a Latin Christian symbol, but in recent years people have change the meaning of it. The real Satanic cross isn't an upside down cross, and even then the upsid down cross in recent years just means "anti-Christ" not "Satanic." Anti-Christ means not Christian. Not Satanism.
    The real satanic cross is a picture having a vertical line and two horizontal lines through the vertical, with a symbol underneath. People that use the upside down cross on clothing or whatever are simply just saying they are not Christians, meaning the could be Muslim, Antheist, Islamic, Hindu, Buddha, or any other religion, that doesn't mean they are Satanist.
    I'm going by TRUE facts, and if you don't believe me, look it up for yourself. Your conspiracy is wrong, in many ways. Get your facts right. I don't mind your opinion, but instead of saying that these people are something you could say I believe these people are and this is why, and then people can try and find out and learn to agree or disagree. Just saying :)

    1. Thank you for your comment sister, however you are most definitely misinformed.

      //Honestly, I disagree with most of this.
      People do the "I love you" sign, all the time//

      yes... there is however a difference between the deaf hand signal for i love you and the satanic salute mano cornuto, these people who are flaunting these signs have sold their self out to the devil through the billion dollar corporations that sign them, they have influence and these signs are being used... the average every day joe may not have an idea about this signal, but these people in certain positions of control and power really do, and its not being used this at mass on random, please search the pyramid over the eye aswell, i assume this is another random chance just being found on every single main stream artist? of course not

      //If you are saying that to sell music to the world you have to sell your soul to the devil, how do we have Christian artists?//

      George Bush was a "Christian" on the outside... he was a member of the satanic skull and bones society in reality... likewise most mainstream artists who are genuinely reaching the world, will have the title Christian but will clearly show their true colours by their fruits, ie, elvis presley was a "christian" artist, he began the entire rock and roll movement that corrupted a generation

      if you are not up to date on the REAL RESEARCH into the occult in the music world i highly suggest you make time and either get the full 17 hour version of "They sold their souls for rock and roll" or you can find some links to it on youtube


    2. //Many if those people you are accusing of Devil Worshipping are in fact not. Many people do the signs without actually knowing what they are. You, more then likely, have made the rock on sign, the I love you sign, and many things like that. //

      give me an example? i have been studying this for a number of years and didnt just one day decide to come to this opinion, its over hundreds of hours reading, watching, listening that i have come to the conclusion the music industry like every other billion dollar mainstream industry is controlled, and its a provable fact

      i dont believe these people are devil worshippers based soley on these hand signs, these hand signs and salutes are just give aways when you know what we are dealing with..

      //Not only are you being hypocritical, but you are going against the Bible by judging these people. The Bible says to love all, to not judge.//

      and sister by that reasoning we couldnt speak out and say Hitler was wrong, we were to love and not judge? we are to reprove the unrighteous works of the devil... and when i see all of these mainstream garbage artists i have serious issues in not warning my brothers and sisters aboout the true intent behind it..

      the innocent kids listening to these songs are being brainwashed and corrupted by a satanic philosophy of "do what thou wilt" ... if you read the writings of Alistair crowley he teaches how the satan worshipper must sacrifice young boy of average intelligence for the most pure form of sacrifice, but i guess your right, "freedom of religion" let them practise it.....

      say if we find a group of pedophiles who call it a religion should we let them do it? and call it freedom of religion? your throwing all reason and logic out the window when you say
      //God will give them judgment on their judgment day. And so what if they are Satanist's? Freedom of religion. Let them worship it, you may not like it, but they can worship it. It's their right.//

      they can do that if they wish, i will warn them in love, however when they begin working for satan, and releasing music that will corrupt the generation listening to it, i have to speak out and warn people sister its not right, i was a corrupted product of these kinds of music and i would have never suspected a thing, but im well educated now and i encourage you to do the same, begin with Crowley and the Beatles.

    3. //Justin Beiber thanked Jesus for getting him where he is today, not the Devil.//

      i saw justin bieber on a comedy show the other day telling the crowd not to laugh at him... "he f**ks bitches" ... then i look at your reference to him on supposedly thanking Jesus... lol his actual words were " i would like to thank God, and most important of all, Jesus" ...

      this is a facepalm to any real born again Christian, its like saying i would like to thank my mom and dad, and most importantly... my parents.

      Jesus is God, that tells you hes not talking about the true God, hes giving you the same LIE false image George Bush must give you

      //Until you can prove to me that those people are actually satanists, I don't believe it. You are obsessed with this conspiracy that mainly comes from jealousy within yourself. //

      please sister, i am not jealous, maybe i was jealous when i was brainwashed by there music, and riches... but since the Lord Jesus Christ set me free and showed me how they were brainwashing me, i am now wanting to expose... you say there is no proof how many hours have you spent reading?

      have you looked up the Jay-z Alistair Crowley connection? have you looked at any of the subliminal symbols found within artists such as Jay-z, Rihanna,Kanye west? have you researched this?

      please sister, i understand this seems "too far fetched" too be true, but if you research this seriously youl find its all true, this is so much larger than just the music industry for example there is satanic symbols hidden in the washington dc road layout, over 5 of them, is this by chance? well .. it was a Freemason who designed the layout of washington... so its not by chance... these people have covert power.. please study it a bit

      //but I do not believe in those symbols. A pentagram isn't a Satanic symbol, it's a symbol symbolizing magic, or mythical. If you don't believe me you can look it up yourself.//

      i have studied for hours sister, please tell me, why is the Pentagram copyrighted symbol of the church of satan? see you havent studied this enough, or connected enough of the dots your just looking at these images and making an off hand decision, take time and learn more the truth is easy to see when you look

      //I'm going by TRUE facts, and if you don't believe me, look it up for yourself. Your conspiracy is wrong, in many ways.//

      well your not going by TRUE facts, your going by "so called" facts, its a "so called" fact, George Bush is a Christian, not a REAL FACT... you have to differentiate, and also to say this conspiracy is not happening, you have to have your head in the sand about the history of the illuminati, the countless whistleblowers, the cult of freemasonry, the designs in the cities, the propaganda all over the mainstream television

      you seriously just need to be ignorant on this to have that view, that they are all nice and friendly, sisterr i spent about 17 years with the same view you do.. and 90percent of other people... but research this, its not all hocus pocus, this goes into history, to 1776 when the Illuminati first began, this satanic organisation worshipped lucifer, they have the power, and you dont get to any level of influence unless you sell out to this power... not true? ask Professor Griff about the Illuminati, he was in Public Enemy number 1 so he should know more about whats really happening than you right? or ask Katt Williams about the Illuminati he should know more right?

      i dont mean any offense in this reply sister i love you but your very wrong, and the illuminati brainwashing influence can be seen all over society, its happening, and its the devil behind this.

      "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
      For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." - Ephesians 6:11-12

    4. Hello John, I stumbled on your "Article" and found it very compelling, I myself love Jesus and our Heavenly Father and pray every night and repent every night as well, for my past sins and those I committed that day (ie: Cussing). I am very upset to hear about what you said about 'MUSIC', I grew up listening to Motown, Beach Boys etc and I am literally dumbstruck to think I have been listening, dancing and singing to the 'Tunes' .... Wow I just don't know what to say, I am sitting here thinking of a few songs and there is no 'Satanic' kind of verse's in any of them .... Can you kindly get hold of me at my E-mail Address please? Googolplexes@hotmail.com. I would truly appreciate it.
      God Bless and Keep You Close.

    5. John with all due respect. The symbol with the thumb sticking out means i love you. The one everyone calls the devil horns was actually an evil eye used to ward off evil spirits.(a gypsy belief) the three 6's is probably actuallya gang sign or symbol that people from the same record label uses or it may be a gang sign. I actually just looked it up. Its a sign meaning "west coast."

    6. John the theory on washingtons layout was on the history channel as were many of your theories. Anyone can write anything about another person. That doesnt make it true. The bible is what you need to research. Youre reading books that have the soul intention of connecting someone to satanism. Do you expect a different result? The bible says EVERY man will have their chance to know god. It says to beware of false prophets. It also say judge not lest ye be judged. On your above comment about sacrifice. The bible also says obey the laws og the land. Murder is against the law.

    7. Hi brother, just updated this page with a response to these popular claims that try to debunk this genuine, verified satanic symbol, that these genuine satanic sell outs all use.

      Check out the link.

      And yes History briefly covered it, the fact it is still right there, and was designed by a Freemason should give you enough dots to connect.

      And not true, these people are leaving their worship to Satan and the Lord has blessed me with eyes to see and called me to expose it to the masses being corrupted.

      The Bible does not say every man will have chance to know God your rewording some passage to fit yourself.

      It says actually judge not in the context of righteous judgement.. as in dont judge hypocritically... dont be worshipping the devil while calling out people to stop worshipping the devil... thats the context of that passage, Christ tells us to judge ALL things.

  20. Lmfao you people are seriously fucking retarded. You wouldn't know what a Satanist was if he came up to you and shook your hand. Who wrote this ridiculous article? lol Those hand signs aren't even a Satan symbol. I would know, I'm a LaVeyanist.

    1. Well then. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
      Im a theistic satanist/devill worshiper, so I know it probably isn't that side of satanism, or yours eather....so where do people get the idea that its a satanist thing?

    2. The truth is friend, thanks for the comment btw, that there are many different strands of Satanism, as you obviously have realised. This does not mean there is one true reality of satan worship.

      There are many different strands in Christianity but this does not negate the core truth Christ brought. 

      So I encounter MANY satanist's who have bought into the namby pamby idea that it's just about self worship and love of self etc.

      I agree this is a type of Satanism, However it is not the type of Satanism that has a grasp on the world.

      The type of satanist's that rule the world is Crowleyism. Ritual Kabbalism. Black Magick. Ancient Mystic religions.

      These are the real satanist's, who tap into the real satanic and demonic power and forces, and who are literally elevated in the world because of this spiritual deal they have made.

      I encourage you to learn about Robert Johnson and the deal he made to be able to sing and play guitar. 

      Search "Robert Johnson sold soul" and find the clip from "Good Fight Ministries"

      So this childish idea that Satanism has nothing to do with Satan, but is about self, is actually a deceived view within a deceived view.

      Anybody sold out to satan is being deceived, anyone calling themselves a satanist but who don't believe in satan is even more deceived.

      I say it in love brother. The devil lies. 

      The idea of self worship is just as bad in hurting your relationship with the TRUE God who gave you life so seek the truth bro, Truth is what matters and don't let these elites system deceive you against Christ, your only way to forgiveness.

  21. Nice article even though I'm not Christian I think its all true
    plus you don't need to reply to peoples stupid statements they've probably been sent here to deceive us by the devil

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  24. Everyone here is so stupid, it makes absolutely no sense. You ignorant Christians amuse me. If your sentences aren't even grammatically correct, you should be trying to preach to a crowd, idiot. With that being said, I'll leave you peasants with your B.S religion. Hail our Dark Prince. In Satan, We trust. #666 Mark of the Beast

    1. // If your sentences aren't even grammatically correct, you should be trying to preach to a crowd, idiot. //

      That sentence was not grammatically correct brother I think you meant I should not be trying to preach to a crowd

      However this blog is at over half a million views now, don't worry brother the truth is out there! God Bless!

    2. hello john
      i need to know that how can i worship satan and get involve in illuminati group.
      kindly let me know this as soon as possible.

    3. You don't want that brother.

      If you want true riches then you must go to Christ.

      He will give you water of Life!
      That you won't go thirsty again!

      The devil and illuminati are LIARS

      They want you dead.

      They don't like you.

      They want you in hell.

      Please brother, seek out Christ and you will find real fulfillment.

      If you seek truth you will find peace and fulfillment aswell, God has a purpose for you bro, don't let satan take that and get you away.

    4. Guy's heaven and hell exist... I would really like to see those who worship satan show their power you guy's are of no use Jesus has more power i would tell people who worship satan that you are in hell getting burnt but if you are still out there.. There is still time come back to your father the true messiah... We all are not perfect in the eyes of God but God is loving

    5. Hey guy's check out Emmanuel Amos Eni it has really made mi check my life i think you guys should read it as satanist you are following a master who wants you to follow him he doesn't love all he does is destroy..... Ive never been a satanist but guy's heaven and hell exist please be saved in the name of the almighty father God

  25. i love these artists, though. do i have to stop liking them?

    1. I loved them all aswell before I learned this, but the more I studied this, the more I understood these were not just people

      This was demons trying to corrupt and influence my mind set!

      It eventually changed from me loving these artists who brainwashed me my whole life, to seeing themm as they are, agents of the devil trying to bitch me!

      Please sister just understand that, the music is supposed to sound catchy, the devil won't tempt you with a bad tasting temptation hel give you a good catchy temptation

      You should wing yourself off these artists, and don't allow the demons any influence, just remember your a victim when you listen, there brainwashing you when you listen

      Aim to be your own person only moulded by God and his word, not the music of demons! God Bless sister

  26. Guys! God told us not to judge. And this blog is clearly judging the artists we dont actually know whats really the truth is. So please dont believe and dont judge this actors or actresses. God is yhe only ONE that could just judge us.

    1. Actually satan told you not to judge brother!!
      God told us to "Judge with righteous judgment" and that "he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet is judged by no man"

      it was actually the Dalai Lama who said "What is Love? Love is the absence of judgment."

      that is "another GOSPEL"

      Jesus told us JUDGE ALL THINGS... and God has judged by is word. we are to compare to Gods word and use that as righteous judgement bro.

      follow the true Gospel, not the one the world likes to hear!

  27. There is nothing wrong with being a satanist.

    1. kind of like saying there is nothing wrong with being a murderer, or a pedophile... there is in the eyes of the Lord brother.

      maybe not in your view... but from Gods perspective your heaping up a worse judgement for yourself.

      Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins.. or nothing in this short life will really matter my friend.

  28. May Allah continue to guide n protct us from evil n evil practice. N those who fill like doing evil may he show them d ryt way. AMEEN

    1. Thank you for your comment sir/madam,

      however allah is one of the pagan gods promoted by this evil occult group. there is no truth to "allah" ...

      The Lord our God manifest in the Lord Jesus Christ and died for all our sins, and rose again so you could be saved. allah has not done anything for your salvation.

      you need to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus to be saved from this brother/sister

  29. I'm a Ugandan. I don't want to sale my soul to the devil. However, i'm too poor and needy. I need money to meet the many challenges around me, my family and friends. Could any person out there with a good will come in to my rescue and support me financially? I'll be grateful for positive responses sent to my e-mail on: matovudesteo@gmail.com

    1. Have your full faith in allah,brother.Pray five times a day and read the holy book Quran.Believe me!!

    2. sorry friend, allah cannot save... allah can only deceive. (no offense! just truth)
      It is Jesus who can save! Jesus is the one who paid for all our evil and all our sins. there is no other way we can be forgiven for the evil.... allah does not have a propitiation in place, but the Lord God who made the heavens, sent us Jesus. God manifest in human flesh, who took our sins upon HIM.

      He is the way to salvation and he states that NO AMOUNT OF WORKS CAN SAVE US ie praying 5 times, reading the Bible, cannot save. only Jesus and faith on HIM can save. anything outside of this atoning sacrifice is a lie from hell to deceive us.

    3. How can you know about Jesus if you don't read the bible? Reading the bible and adhering to its recommendations can save.

    4. Have you been to your local church in Uganda? If you are genuinely in financial need, one of the churches in your region should help you. It is one of the jobs of churches as described in the Bible. Start talking to pastors. :)

  30. This was the dumbest waste of time I've encountered in a very long time. I'm going to write an article about waving and how thats also the sign of devil worship. I mean seriously? I thought this was a parody for a bit. You really can post ANYTHING on thr Internet without any proof.

    1. Do a bit of research pal, it's not one or two artists flaunting the satanic salute, they all do, research the satanic symbolism in their music vids, research John Todd Illuminati defector, you really can post anything however your failure to research this further is what will let you down.

  31. What exactly are those then? The whole point is to get everyone to do it without believing its of the devil. Why is it that famous and rich people do this? Those that aren't rich or famous are simply deceived. You'll see this in concerts all the time. Don't be a slave to sin. Don't be a slave to the man. Everyone worships something or someone like it or not. Even atheists do. They worship the man and yolo theme. You don't have to die the second death (which is eternal) and be put to utter shame. Turn away and live.

  32. John Cena, The Dudley Boys, The Triple Threat wrestlers flash the ok sign too.
    Triple H, nWo, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper and Edge flash the horns.

    1. Thanks bro!

      Will get them updated!

      Just more coincidences right? Lol

  33. Proverbs 3: 5, 6

    My precious Father!Even when You created this world You found that it is not good for man to be alone! You, Yourself instituted marriage in the Garden of Eden. You know that I need a Partner for my life, Lord! Father when I think of my future I am gripped by anxiety! You know the longings of my heart and You know what is best for me. Lord we see in the Scripture how You blessed Your people with the right life partner and made them happy. Send me the right life partner through Your Angel. I need a loving and God fearing partner. Master! Bless me Lord so that I can build up a family for Your glory!Every good gift comes from You Lord and You will never deny Your children joy and happiness. Remove the obstacles on my way Master and perfect everything for me. You are my father and so I commit my future into Your loving hands. Take charge of my settlement O God I give all the glory to You! I pray in the matchless name of Lord Jesus.Amen.

  34. God be with us all.
    Open our hearts, give us your faith strength and love. Forgive us, forgive them

  35. Kane,
    The sign of the Devil wouldn't be this obvious, and you know that most of these people are NOT supporting Satan
    If you really want to expose him and his minions you must look elsewhere, The true GOD is not Jesus Christ, that is a teaching of the Devil. Jesus is the first creation of the one true GOD. You are supporting a pagan(Satanic)teaching of a triumuative or trinity a three part god. GOD, the son and the holy spirit are not the same being nor are they different aspects of the same being.You should really read the BIBLE in the greek septuagent not the one sponsored by king james.The trinity theory was incorporated by Constantine to get pagans to accept his version of christianity.So if all these people are supporting the Devil, what are you up to Mephastapholese????

    1. Look into any satanic writings or even the church of satan and view the symbols and hand signs in use to worship satan. Don't just say ignorantly "that's not what it means" because, that is what it means.

      And please brother the teachings of Jesus are about love for fellow man, justice, judgement.

      Satan is about lies, death, and destruction.

      And also Jesus Christ is God manifest in Flesh, Jesus confessed to this so you need to get back into the Scriptures and learn bro

      I have access to the Greek and Hebrew lexicons that's why I am able to affirm God is a triune God and Jesus is oneof the heads, as taught in scripture.

      Constantine did not create any doctrine the doctrines were in place already for over 200 years before constantine.

      Your information is wrong brother sorry.

      These people have been inducted through satanic initiation rites.. and you have to stufy the industry, and men like John Todd to get a picture of what happens, behind the curtains.

  36. jesus and GOD and the holy spirit are one in a sense that they all work hand in hand..,as jesus says no one comes to the father except through him...the devil is real lets open our eyes people..Kane may u never be intimidated...im proud that u stand on the truth alone despite critics

  37. Just because you make those sign, means that you worship the devil. Those are common signs for football teams, rock and roll, a three pointer in basketball, the call me sign, also used by surfers, the spider-man hand gesture, and many people make the circle with their thumb and index finger with the three fingers up as a symbol when they say nice, coll, etc.

    1. No brother, you may make those hand signals ignorantly, and many others may aswell.

      The key elite and mainstream moguls however are not in darkness about the true meanings of the symbols they flaunt.

      Also it's no surprise that these satanic hand signs have been incorporated into the satanic controlled world we now live in.

      Look and study the roots of the symbolism they use, study the symbolism hidden subliminally in the music videos of the biggest mainstream artists..

      Look deeper brother than this blog page bro, this is simply showing you known tells, research further!

    2. Yes, God bless you John kane!

  38. Thank you John for all the info you've put on here and not shying away from revealing wickedness with God's truth. I also thank you for referencing "They sold their souls to rock and roll" on youtube. Goodfight.org is also a great place for info on this! May God bless and protect you!

    1. Yes - Thankyou John - there's not many good people left so never stop lighting the way in bringing us the Knowledge we so desperately need... Love & light to everyone ❤️

    2. God Bless you to friend thank you for encouragement!

      Goodfight are one of THEE best ministries exposing the culture of today, they are so on point and still in line with Gods truth today!

      Their latest youtube video released covered Beyonce at Superbowl 2016!

  39. There is more info on fallen angels and ufo deception here brother I am not sure why your comment keeps removing itself!


  40. MAN if the president of the United States of America is a Devil worshiper than America is in BAD shape. Come soon Lord Jesus!!!!!!!

    1. amen bro America is ticking down til its judgement.

      If God dosnt judge America, he will havt to apologist to Sodom and Gomorrah

  41. Why din u approve my comment bro?

    1. Don't know what comment you mean brother maybe it didn't send? Repost it.

  42. All of this is very true you know what your talking about. There has been some musicians who have been murdered in the past from exposing this cult. God bless

  43. It also means "hook em horns" (texas longhorns). You're judgemental idiots

  44. To say that the devil has any of their souls is giving him far too much credit. The very idea of the devil being capable of taking someone's soul is a deception; only God decides what happens to your soul. The devil is bound by the rules that God has set before him, and he is incapable of breaking those rules. There seems to be this misconception brought about by satanically-inspired texts throughout history that Satan "reigns" in hell; nothing could be further from the truth. There is no evidence in the Bible to even suggest that he has ever even been to hell.

    He may have been granted a tremendous amount of power in this world (he is the "prince of this world," after all), but he will be powerless and suffering in hell with all of his angels and all those who have not accepted Jesus into their hearts.

  45. My older kids listen to some of this music and like their songs. They are believers in Jesus and won't deny Him if front of friends, ,even talk about Him sometimes, but I can't get them to stop listeneing to the music of these celebreties. It's like an addiction.

    1. Hi sister/bro thanks for this comment.

      And quite simply, I would put the foot down, it's your home. You pay the bills. And you don't allow satanic music into your home.

      If they want to get a home and pay bills and bring satanic garbage into it, that's on their head!

      But you have to explain you love them to much to let it continue under your roof.

      Please go the Complete Truth Youtube channel we have, and watch all of the music industry expose documentaries we have put up.

      Show them to your kids and make them understand your position so they can see the devil in the details!!

      God bless you and family :)

  46. I enjoyed the pictures very enlightening, why these people always show this hand signal do they really know =what they are doing the one eye the 666, the triangle does the Satanist elites require them to show these signals to show allience

  47. I worship Satan but is there a problem with that? No

    1. Me and my family worship the dark lord as our family elders say when the rivers flow red the armies of the apocalypse will rise above God and retake what is rightfully the dark Lords property

    2. Yes brother, your being deceived.

      Satan hates you, and laughs at you, all he wants is you dead and getting justice from God.

      The law in satanism is to do anything you want.

      So it justifies the sacrifice of children, rape of children, mass murder of anyone... if you like.

      Its a horrific view, and you must have been through some extreme things to get to the level where you accept satan and worship his lies..

      I pray for you brother.

    3. I don't like you. That speaks volumes. You shouldn't talk like that about someone's religion. Wether its Islam, Judaism, Satanism, LaVeyism or even paganism and wicca.
      You sound like you have a stik up your backside, this is literally how much your coments disgust me.
      Isn't up to the person to decide what they do with themselves? What is it to you if thats the way they want to llive or thats what they believe?
      I find it realy disgraceful that you speak of satanism in such a way ↑
      Oh- just so you know, I think your Bible needs an update- and thistime maybe from your God almighty.

      I'm realy mad, so I won't apologise.
      You are hearing this from an opinionated 14 year old- doesn't that say anything too?

    4. I have wrote 3 rant replays, explayning my point of view- worthy of 12 marks on my re exam......neather one published......-_-

      I disagree entirely with what you have said. I am a theistic satanist, and there is nothing to do with human sacrafice, rape or abuse. Even if you were refering to "reaserch" on "satanism"- it would probably have mentioned someone called anton LaVey- and would not have aproved of this. LaVeyism is about self worship, it uses the devil as a symbol and fictional character. Whilst theistic satanism is devil worship- which I am actuly part of- doesn't enclude human sacrafices, rape or abuse- it actuly discourages it also like many religions.
      Tell ing someone that the person they love and admire for different reasons actuly hates tham and is laughing at their naivety, hurts, is inconsidaret and it disgusts me- I am almost lost for words ( and that is really hard to make me).
      You only have a book that was free for interpritation over thousends of years, as proof that Your lord isn't laughing and deciving you. Most of us value experience over the paper.
      Our lord wants us to be different, acsepts us the way we are and doesn't demand us to change. Whilst your God does. If you don't follow the commandments- you sin, if you are different - you will be judged. If you don't chainge- you are not welcome in heaven.
      If you don't think in a certain way, you are not right- but our lord gave us the gift of knowledge, free will. Free will that you cannot exercise is not free will.
      GOD didn't want us to question, learn, or do anything that will involve understanding. We would have been traped in one state of mind, forever enslaved to not thinking or knowing. Enslaved to obe state of mind, God's.

    5. Thanks for the comments team,

      To my opinionated 14 years old friend.

      RUN from the indoctrination your getting while you can!!

      Lol my comment highlighted the fact that Satanism, would work as justification for rape, child abuse, any other evil you like.

      This is evil. This should be condemned.

      Like any evil that should be condemned..

      Without God's standard, you cannot call anything absolutely evil or wrong.

      Read CS Lewis, Mere Christianity.

      Guarantee it will blow the 14 years of brainwashing into the "norm" will take a blow.

      Also it's God's judgement I use to say people are wrong, not my own.

      I have no right to judge but I have every right to bring God's judgement into people's mind and encourage them to repent!

      Christ is King and the lies I expose are specifically to lead people away from Christ.

      So one of the best ways to love people, is to expose lies that are a detriment to them!

  48. Devil's trying.. already fallen and never to rise and needs company ;o (for all current adams and eves dont repeat the mistake this is our chance)

  49. John Kane, God bless you, keep up the wonderful work, if the devil comes to oppose God & what belongs to Him because his time is short, why be shaken by the Lord's enemy & in what ever shape or form it comes. "Resist the devil & he shall flee from you"
    The evil critisizms are merely the devil' phantoms (to scare, confuse & discourage) to the christians because the TRUTH is a terrible threat in the evil kingdom. Peace.

    1. God Bless you friend thank you for words of encouragement.

      Keep spreading that soul saving Gospel of truth :)

  50. I don't know who to believe. There are way too many religions in this world. Therefore I think that the best thing to do would be don't believe in anything. If you will be a kind person, you will get accepted into heaven, if it exists as God has said that he's all forgiving. It is not your fault that there are way too many religions and no one knows which one is true. There is NOT enough evidence that Illuminati is 100% true. Therefore some people even believe in rebirth and spirits instead of life in after-life.
    Also, universe is huge. How do you know that there is only one world like ours in it?

    1. Thanks for your comment friend.

      There are many religions in the world thats true.

      However what would you expect with Satan in this world? would he leave the people with only Gods word and truth or would you expect him to make countless counterfeits to inspire confusion?

      the fact is brother, the counterfeits should assure you of the truth.

      / Therefore I think that the best thing to do would be don't believe in anything./

      that in itself is a belief you are choosing brother. A bad belief that will leave you without hope or any logical consistency, but a belief/worldview none the less.

      I have a link you should view! Its by Dr Jason Lisle called "The Ultimate Proof of Creation" ... watch it all before you judge this, it really does take an angle I expect you have not heard yet!

      - Dr Lisle Ultimate Proof of Creation - 50 mins

      / If you will be a kind person, you will get accepted into heaven,/

      this goes into a whole other topic, what is being a kind person? is someone who controls and abuses people "kind" or is someone who shows emoathy and compassion "kind" ... what definition are you using?

      If we dont have God as the absolute standard of what is good/right... then we dont have any such thing as being "kind" or right...

      /There is NOT enough evidence that Illuminati is 100% true./

      I have studied it for over 5 years now brother, there is more and more evidence showing it is, every day. You just have to seek it out brother. Add me on facebook and I will be happy to have a convo with you and show you all the things that make it concrete... from the design layout in washington DC, to the book Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry by Albert Pike..

      /Also, universe is huge. How do you know that there is only one world like ours in it?/

      Because God revealed this to us brother... this is how I can know any truth what so ever because of Gods truth and Gods revelation... without Gods truth and Revelation, I cant even know my senses are valid, I cant know my memory is valid and reliable... I cant know reality... I therefore cant know truth....

      so without God, and His truth, we cant have truth about anything.

      But we do have truth about many things... this shows us we NEED Gods truth to account for such truths... and Gods word lets us know EVERY life form that there is.

      From God, to angels, to demons (which are the disembodied spirits of hybrid mixes of human women and the angels pre-flood) to humans, to beasts, to insects.

      Thats all we have brother... God revealed it, and without Gods truth remember we dont have truth.

      Make sure you watch Dr Lisle on the Ultimate Proof, He explains this better and in more detail.

      Seek the truth brother, I genuinely came from the position we cant know for sure and that God will forgive us for not knowing.

      The truth is God will hold us accountable because we do know...

      God is perfectly just... its impossible for Him to just "let sin slide under the carpet"

      the fact is we have done evil.. and God being Just will have to punish it.

      Like a just judge in court would not let someone go free if they had committed a crime... even if they claimed they did not know... the judge would still have to give justice.

      God will give justice for all the evil and wrong youve done brother, your only hope in this life, is to get all the evil and wrong youve done, accounted to the Lord Jesus Christ.

      He is our Scape-goat.

      The Lord has offered us total undeserved mercy, and the option to have our sins paid for by the Lord Himself.... unless you claim this, you will be found guilty and it will be the right thing.

      Please seek it out brother. God Bless you.

    2. www.facebook.com/JohnKaneTruth if you want to have a more direct conversation, add me friend :)

  51. This is so saddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!:-\

  52. So you're saying nearly all music are demonic?? That's just sad because I see a lot of people doing these signs although in their perspective, they're not worshiping satan. They don't realize that these signs have different meanings from what we were all taught its supposed to mean. I think more people should be educated about this ...

    If it wasn't for a friend I wouldn't have even knew about Illuminati. And although she's not a Christian she is the one who taught me so much about life and the world in general.

    Thanks for your post :")

  53. ONLY Jesus Christ has almighty power!!!
    I love you Jesus and always I will do. Try to be good to everyone and all will be OK in this big world.
    Praise be to God!

  54. Just think positive and mean no harm to people around you.

  55. God bless people such as John Kane,the brave man who spread the good news of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I love the good job wch u are dng n keep on exposing them,bcaz whtsoevr u are sayng I've got no doubt if it

  56. i heard lot of celebrities died young when they go against satan

  57. So is Beyonce a Illuminati.?? Bcuz technically she didn't give her soul directly to Satan. But I guess she is bcuz after Jay-z gave Satan her soul, She continued to worship him.

  58. I believe that this post is an ugly truth. Listen their words, look at their guestures, again look at their tattoos, read their lives in genral all very critically. Alex from Ethiopia

  59. Everyone has the right to worship who ever they want. Just remember that your years of life are short, worship Satan for the herest and now, then burn in hell forever...I'd rather wait for the coming of the Lord and be rewarded with a peaceful and fulfilling eternal life.

  60. i am really sorryi f anyone gets hurt , but it is too hard to believe uless someone like me dont exprienced. as though in india there are crores of god people are worshiping. how is it possible as god hav not been found out yet how can devils apear and not known to anyone.

  61. A lot of those pics look photoshopped but, no doubt, there's a lot of satanism out there.

  62. I saw a photo of Jay Z with a shirt on stating "Do as thou wilt" which is a saying of Aleister Crowley, the English Satanist who was nicknamed "The Great Beast". This webpage states the truth. All of the filth sold to us by these "artist" are from the devil. If this nation does not wake up and turn back to God, His judgement will come upon us even worse than it already has.

  63. Hi John Kane,
    pls do your best to not waste your words on people who deserve you silence,unless completely necessary.As with everything,darkness is overcome by the light,hatred conquered by love,and evil by good.I really see the connection.Here in Ghana we have witches,so I don't see any reason why there could be a witch without a great God.If there's the existence of a witch,then so is GOD.They all work toward the same goal....the witches,the voodoo,magicians and any society that gathers not in the name of GOD who came down in the FLESH to cleanse our SINS with regards to religion,which is to lure humanity into their trap with deceitfulness and finally confiscate their soul.Personally,I think God exist.You not experiencing what others are experiencing doesn't mean GOD doesn't exist,cuz even as a sinner HE still loves you and merciful enough to have saved you from impending dangers without you knowing.Let it sink into you heard and weigh down on your conscience that where do you go after this life.You don't expect to leave the life you want to even the extent of taking other people's life and go freely(Shaking My head) You will definitely account to the almighty God,your creator.Even this dispensation there's a constitution that governs us as a country,let alone the one who brought you into being.I really love Justin Bieber's song,but that doesn't change the fact that he could be one.I used to think that it was some special gestures often throwed by artiste on the same record label...Seeing the French president,the pope and a few government officials do it had me wondering a lot lately.Pls just be vigilant as possible...!These people know too well to be going about throwing gesture the have zero idea on!!Humph...

  64. why do yall do these things i cant believe one of my favorite raper is a devil worshipper that is why drake say views from the six

  65. i have always thought that the devil will only win his wars with Christians when we allow him to influence us negatively. Honestly i do listen to most of these singers music but i choose not to listen to all of them. i pick songs that are sending out a good message (according to my understanding). I know that someone can tell me that the evil messages are coded or hidden but when i listen to a song that is telling me that "life is worth livng"-justin bieber- it seems to be influencing me positively but the singer can be satanic or not.

    it is written in the bible that the devil is the god of the world (2 corinthians 4 vs 4) therefore most things on his earth are under his control. for example the internet, it can be used against God by posting nude pictures and watching porn or for God by researching on how to become closer to Him and joining christian social sites...i believe that at the end of the day it depends on the individual, is he going to allow the things of the earth to remove him from the Lord or not.....

    im not supporting satanists...i dont like them at all and i feel like they are being blinded by the devil into thinking what they are doing is right....
    even if everyone in the world was a satanist its all about how you are going to allow yourself to become influenced by them.....

    this is just my opinion, this how i look at all the things that come in my path, i base them on INFLUENCE....
    It just doesnt make sense to isolate yourself from the world because of satanism we are bound to come across satanism in this world since its an asset being ruled by the devil but at the same time im sure God wants us to enjoy the time we spend on earth but just do it in a way that does not affect your relationship with Him...

    im catholic and I LOVE GOD

  66. Hi! I'm Danica. My favorite Týr frontman, Heri Joensen also exposed illuminati. He was converted as Christian and now he's already PAGAN. I'm Catholic and I love Jesus and Mary. God Bless You!