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God Bless you all team.

This is a list of must watch SHOCKING, EYE-OPENING documentaries that are available free on Youtube.

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These all will have key information that will guide you to knowing THE COMPLETE TRUTH. These links will be updated regularly and we advise anyone wanting to be entertained while learning the shocking truths about our world, to sit back and pick a few of these to occupy your mind.

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*All links up to date, more on THEE way! 

Invisibly Visible - Freemason Symbolism in America Exposed - Length 25mins -
This was a documentary I found early on in my search for truth, the blatant symbolism found throughout America and being designed originally by Freemason's, for sure shows their control and power in secrecy to this day.

Pandora's Box Office - Length 3hr 15mins -
This is a real winner of an expose on the satanic aspect of Hollywood and how periodically it has been used by Satan to corrupt and basically poison each generation slowly one at a time, each a bit worse than the last. Must Watch.

Ex-Occultist Freemason Exposes Everything - Length 3hr 20mins - 
This is the testimony of Roger Morneau. 
Born in 1925, served in WW2, and upon his return, eventually met up with an old friend, who invited him to a meeting of secret Satan worshipping Freemasons. His testimony is unreal. Must watch team please watch it in full. 

9/11 Road To Tyranny - Length 2hr 50mins -This is an Alex Jones Film, exposing the events of 9/11, blown wide open, and explaining why this was done, and what its leading toward.

Alex Jones: Endgame - Length 2hr 20mins -
This Explains a lot about the NWO agenda, and their overall plan for our world, Alex Jones always documents the down right facts, but you wont find much about the satanist element of the people in control of our world.

Hells Bells: Complete Version - Length 6hr 50 mins -
A real treasure.. ALL parts in full of the Hells Bells series by Real to Real Ministries. This is a real open and shut case to document the demonism and occult in rock and roll and how it is sold to the masses purposefully to corrupt and degrade. A MUST SHARE.

Alex Jones: The Obama Deception - Length 1hr 50 mins -
The bought and paid for president Obama is no different than any of the last bought and controlled presidents, EXCELLENT REAL LOOK AT OBAMA.

Illuminati 2: The Antichrist Conspiracy - Length 1hr 55mins -
This is the kind of stuff you won't hear Alex Jones talk about much, THIS IS COMPLETE TRUTH, highly recommend.

Age Of Deceit - Length 2hr 30mins
Again, COMPLETE TRUTH, this documentary is explaining the deceit about UFO's and Aliens and also discusses the Alien Deception that could be set to happen soon, a related documentary to this is...

Aquarius: Age Of Evil - Length 2hr 20minsExplains the coming Age of Aquarius and goes in detail about why Satanists all believe this is the age of their new world order, and this is when their leader (Antichrist) will come and take over. 

A New World Order: Yesterday's new Tomorrow -  Length 1hr 10mins
This is a very good watch, details a lot of key information. 

Illuminati: A Myth? Volume One - Length 2hr -
If don't believe the Illuminati control the world after watching this, your way too far gone.

The Money Masters - Length 3hr 20min -
This is a MUST-SEE if you want to understand our current money problems, it is well presented, and gives a breakdown of everything! if you don't quite understand the federal reserve of how the money works WATCH THIS.

Invisible Empire - Length 2hr 10min -
This documentary defines the coming New World Order, very good watch. 

Rock 'n' Roll: The Search For God - Length 1hr 20 mins -
Absolute classic, originally created in 1981 then later made into a VHS tape... it documents the occult prominence in the rock and roll industry back in the 70s and 80s. Brilliant. Audio and Video cleaned too.

Police State 4: Rise of FEMA - Length 2hr 20min -
Documentary exposing the Military Industrial Complex

Obama Rothschild's Choice - Length 1hr 30min -
Another piece detailing the COMPLETE PUPPET known as Obama.


The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers - Length 3hr -
Most people think the founding fathers were good men of God, but in reality, they did not worship the God of the Bible, they were a part of the plan for Satan to control the world, almost all of them were Freemason's, this documentary is controversial and will shock most Christians, but the truth is here.

Megiddo: March To Armageddon - Length 2hr 15min -
This really REALLY nails bible prophecy and exposes the coming Antichrist and proves how we are in biblical end times TODAY, really a MUST WATCH.

Megiddo 2: The New Age Movement - Length 2hr 55min
Amazing expose of the demonic forces behind the new age movement, it is all a part of Satan's Plan.

Illuminati: Exposed in the Music Industry - Length 1hr 50min - 
This is one of the first videos i ever watched that started to wake me up, YES, the music industry is controlled and owned by the Illuminati, any artist being heard all around the world, is being allowed to be heard all around the world, MUST WATCH.

Leonard Ulrich - New World Order & Biblical Prophecy - Length 2hr 25min -
Amazing work the creator took over 5 years in work and effort to put this together, he details EVERYTHING, a really good one to show the so called "intellectuals" who call you a conspiracy theorist nutjob. Leonard is currently making part 2 of his series.

  Lucifer Rising Full -  Length 1hr 40 mins -
Amazing documentary presenting the truth about the Satanic Element infecting all of society around the world, now edited together into one full piece and on TheCompTruth YT channel.

Hollywood Insiders: Full Disclosure - Length 1hr 10min -
Amazing documentary showing endless examples of how the Illuminati is in control of the Movies industry.

Hollywood Insiders: Beneath The Surface FULL - Total Length 1hr 15min -
Another amazing expose of the Illuminati control in the movies industry.

The Corporation - Length 2hr 25 mins -
The Corporation's of the world completely blown wide open, great watch.

Democrat and Republican Left Or Right Exposed - Length 1 hr 25mins -
G. Edward Griffin explains brilliantly how all sides are controlled, very educational.

UFO's Angels and God's - Length 2hrs
Amazing watch if you are interested in this subject, ties together all the pieces and goes into real deep detail.

Prophecy Explained by Chuck Missler Part One
- Length 1hr -

Prophecy Explained by Chuck Missler Part Two
- Length 1hr 30mins -

Prophecy Explained by Chuck Missler Part Three
- Length 1hr 5mins -

Prophecy Explained by Chuck Missler Part Four
- Length 1hr 20mins -

- This is a 4 part explanation of prophecies in the bible - to any non believer or believer this is essential, it cannot be denied, but most people won't take the time out of their busy lives to watch, God will judge you whether you choose to look at this or not, please watch and understand the prophecies of God.

The Power Behind the New World Order - Length 2hr 20mins -
This is a really amazing documentation of the real power behind the new world order, it is satanic and is fulfilling prophecies written 2000 years ago in the Bible, MUST WATCH.

Know Your Enemy FULL 10 Hr+ MUST WATCH - Length 10 mins -
Complete detailing of Satan and how real and present his influence is and has been on the planet, Truly amazing, a really well studied and researched and documented account for the biblical history, and account of what is happening in our world today, to really be prepared for a battle, you have to know your enemy, this video series IS A MUST, if you do not know the enemy well yet. Just click this link and it will take you to a loaded playlist, and will  play through. please take the time AND WATCH THIS.

Vaccines and Inoculations Exposed - Length 1 hr 30 mins -
If you are wondering about the real story behind Vaccine's the government are mandating this is what you need to see, i will not have any children in my life vaccinated if i can stop it, and anyone truly educated on this subject will tell you the same, Great watch.

Coming Destruction To America - Currency Notes Exposed - Part 1/4 - Total Length 2 hrs -
This is AMAZING, it details the symbology and hidden images within the American currencies, it details false flag attacks like 9/11 in the bills, Oklahoma City, and even one yet to be fulfilled... The Hoover Dam appears and has not been blown yet.

A Lamp In The Dark, The Untold History of The Bible - Length - 3 hrs -
Amazing History of the centuries packed into this 3 hour bonanza of truth. It records how early Catholocism was born, as Constantine makes Christianity the state religion and adapts all of romes pagan precepts into it aswell (which is what wee say in todays catholic church no surprise). It goes from explaining all that to documenting how the Bible was preserved and kept through the centuries, MUST WATCH for truth seekers.

The Theory of Everything by Trey Smith - Length - 2 hrs 50 mins -
This is the actual proof, no doubt in a million years proof that this universe has a creator, ie a designer, this basically gives you the science and sheer complexity that we have learned makes up our universe, and shows it at a high school level, where anyone can understand the design cannot be produced by chance, a truly masterful work Praise God for this brothers wisdom and understanding!  THIS IS A MUST WATCH AND SHARE, I did a blog about this i found it so key, and helpful to make the world realize the lies it has swallowed in the name of "science" falsely so called! 

Sold Their Soul for Rock and Roll-Part 1
-Part 2
-Part 3
-Part 4
-Part 5
- Length - 1 hr Each Part -
For anyone interested in the Illuminati's control over the Music industry, this is a MUST SEE, it details the true root of the infection the music has, SATANISM, the core of satanism is to corrupt, and the music you listen to on MTV today is doing just that, this documentary focuses on the artists in the 60's and 70's who inspired what today's culture is, and really shows you what has made us go so bad. MUSIC HAS AN EFFECT.
This was originally made by Goodfight Ministries, and in its entirety is 10 hours long.
You can only get the full 10 hours version by going to Goodfight's website and ordering from there.

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  3. love the work gives me hope for something better

  4. I just found this blog tonight. 1:00 am (roughly). I am planning to watch most, if not all, of them. As I finish a video, I will comment on them individually. BTW, I am 100% disabled retired Veteran, so I have a LOT of time on my hands.

  5. Right out of the chute,all 4 videos "Prophecy Explained" by Chuck Missler are no longer available for viewing based on the links provided above.

    1. Baker all of the links are updated brother.
      Should be adding more in coming days aswell!
      Thanks bro :)

  6. theres another good film on music industry, called They Sold They're Souls for Rock and Roll on youtube. I find it interesting as i loved this kind of music until.. i learned more about it. I think there are even two versions available, here's one of them in parts (maybe there is a full version somewhere)

    1. Thanks for the comment brother! You must have missed but I have these links up lol at the very bottom they are last on the page!

      It's made by the amazing Goodfight Ministries, and you can buy the FULL 10 HOUR version from their website at

      It's well worth it. You can't get full 10 hours anywhere else.

  7. Some of these videos are well done, but the video quality on-screen is so terrible that I can't read it. Can't you have someone recite it into an audio file, then run it into the video. Honestly, mate, I've tried viewing it on my 9-inch tablet and my large TV. Love the clips, though. You make a good case for magic and the supernatural. I just wonder what kind of arrangement someone could make with demons. The idea of selling one's soul seems a bit of a stretch. It's got too be more complicated.

    1. Thanks for the comment bro, I always look for best quality available, but some have such good info they still need to go up with the bad quality!

      And its not as complex as you would think, if your willing to give away everything and lose any morality you ever had and turn your back on God and in turn condemning youself, then you can make a deal with any demon, every one will bite your hand off for the deal.

      But for us, the wise, its good to know these are liars, and cant offer anything but death, depression, sadness and hopelessness, dont be deceived by them! its a trap trust me brother.

      I strongly suggest you check out Roger Morneau testimony, He was a member of the Secret Societies in the 50's after the war... and He has a strong strong testimony of what happened to his life.
      -Roger Morneau Testimony

  8. Why the fuck whenever I write 'illuminati' auto correct corrects it as 'Illuminati' (with capital letter) but whenever I write 'god' it doesn't change it to 'God'.
    Therefore God is everywhere, so wants to be the devil. For example did you know that Samsung TV's have something in them, that some other people listen to your conversations? Read this-

    Therefore if Christianity exists, God has created the devil by himself, so he can kill him in the same way.