How I Got Saved and How You Can Be Saved!

Thank You - God bless YOU!

2 years ago i was unsaved, and then the day came in August 2010, i accepted Jesus as my savior and its been a journey, FANTASTIC, knowing your eternity is booked and secure, knowing that even though this world will become bad and dark times will come, who cares, this is not your kingdom anymore! 

I was just learning about the Illuminati and how they controlled the Music industry and as months went by i began to realise it was bigger than just the music industry! i realised these guys control EVERYTHING, every political election on the major scale is rigged and these guys control it all, we are on and have been on a designated path to world government for the past 200 years and the plan is even older than that, everything happening today is staged and planned before it happens.

i realised all this was going to destroy my life, and change everything, i was getting nervous to say the LEAST! but when i was getting to breaking point, worrying sleepless nights, i took note of the fact all these rich billionaires doing this were worshipping.. the devil.. the one known as Lucifer from the bible.. now if the bible is not true it puzzles me as to why the people controlling the planet worship and make human sacrifices to him etc if he is just mythical, logical reasoning told me these guys knew what they were involved in, and knew how real it was, they don't control the world by chance! just like the people in the music industry are not singing to the world by chance! Kanye west sings to the world because he is helping corrupt the world and adding devil worship into all of his songs, he praises the devil for giving him his fame and money, same with Jay-z.

So i went on a truth hunt, because my mind had just months earlier been blown wide open when i realised 9/11 was an inside job, that crashed everything! so my mind was completely open, and logical reasoning led me to believe that there was more to the whole bible thing, because people who run the world seemed to believe in one of the main characters, if one of the main characters is real safe to say the other one is real also! 

the first hurdle i had to get over was evolution, i was taught from a young age we evolved from monkeys, and i had no reason to disbelieve this so i just took it as truth, always believed it, i did some research and found a man named Kent Hovind, and i watched a tape called 100 Reasons why Evolution is stupid.

Kent Hovind - 100 Reasons why Evolution is Stupid

Literally took an hour before i could see this man was telling me the truth, and this had been a well popularised lie based on assumptions and untestable theories for which there is no evidence.

Now i was beginning to see, the devil they worship, and they give honour to, and obviously serve, has a plan for people not to believe the word of God, and evolution is being funded by these men to be taught in schools? see how the entire thing fits perfectly with the bible, anyway it gets deeper.

Kent Hovind has a seven tape video series, All links found here.

That basically answer everyone like me's questions, and i had A LOT, so i took the time to watch all of the tapes because the thought of i had been totally deceived all my life, there really is a God and the bible is really true was looming on my head more and more, so i watched all the tapes, literally all my questions were answered, i had a lot of things i was not sure about or i didn't believe could really happen, but seriously this guy just puts it in plain terms and shows you how its 100% possible and in fact the real evidence suggests it!

When i finished watching the final video 7 i prayed and accepted Jesus, i said a simple prayer that Kent Hovind used as an example, but i knew he was real and i knew i needed him to go to heaven, so i accepted him as my saviour and iv been guaranteed my place in heaven since that day! 

Now since that day 2 years ago i have been reading and watching and learning a lot about the bible, seeing if it all adds up, is there anything that disproves it, whats the history behind it etc, and i can verify the book is the real deal going all the way back to the original  Hebrew texts, The Vulgate, and the Greek Septuigent, all written over 2000 years ago, and people who say you can't know it was written too long ago.. we have entire books that Plato wrote 3000 years ago, so don't tell me that! 

and i have found that God is for sure real, this is the truth, God is true and he made everything like he tells us in the bible, and the bible has what i like to call fingerprints of God, just so were not deceived by a God like Allah or some other God figure, Daniel tells us there is a God in heaven that makes known what will be in the latter days, Gods prophecies, in other words, God tells us the future before it happens, so we will know he is the true God!

There are over 1,700 prophecies in the entire bible, can you name any other holy book in the world that can claim that? nope! and the bible is one of the most studied and sought after books in history, if one of these prophecies really did not come true, there would be no one who believed it, but the fact is Scholars have dedicated their life's to researching this, and have found that the scriptures contain no errors, and the prophecies are the example that shows us why!! they are given from God, and if the God in heaven tells you whats going to happen, its going to happen! 

Bible exposes New World Oder in Prophecy

Bible Prophecy warns about the Antichrist and his reign

I tell you all this because its true, this is the truth! this world government has been planned for the last 300 years, it was predicted over 2000 years ago and we were told it would be the last empire to reign over earth and it would be ruled by the Antichrist. we see it being fulfilled, do not doubt it, it will all happen, and its happening in your life time, we are the generation.

If you want to ignore this and say its by chance, the bible is not true etc bla bla, then go ahead, when the world government gets announced, good luck with that, but it is true, don't ignore this, accept Jesus as your saviour and get eternal life RIGHT NOW! 

It does not mean you have to become perfect over night, your most likely going to sin every day for the rest of your entire life! 

but by humbling your heart and praying and accepting Jesus Christ as your savior, you become family! you are no longer going to be judged under the LAW, which would send you to fire, you have a family judgement, your eternal salvation is booked if you accept Christ, God tells us that "whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved"

When you accept Jesus, you are born again, child of the King, and believe me that's exactly what you want to be!! You are not expected to become perfect overnight, but you are expected to know your sin and repent of it! pray nightly for forgiveness and ask God guide you help you to become better!!

The moment your saved, your in a relationship with Christ, and if you keep up your part in that relationship, through prayer! you have nothing to worry about the judgement of God, because Christ said "No man cometh unto the father but by me" Jesus is the way the truth and the life! so don't feel weird about accepting him into your life as if there is some stigma attached, its a FREE GIFT, no strings, just pray and accept him! Jesus knocks at the door and waits an invite in.. so pray, accept Jesus and turn from your sin, admit you are a sinner and you need Jesus to be forgiven and given eternal life! and from that moment you are saved! not hard at all.

It takes a minute to be saved, but it takes a life time to grow, when you are saved don't just think well that's it i don't have to worry about it anymore! set your mind to grow! to know more about the word of God, about what is happening in the time we are living in, and to turn even more from your sins!

when you first get saved you will having tremendous guilt over almost everything you do, and this is normal and very healthy, because before.. you had no guilt about sin? so now, you feel remorse, that's what God wants, so continue on the path, continue praying, as the guilt grows, the sin slows, and you eventually begin moulding yourself, and becoming better, 2 years ago i did not think i would be preaching anything about Jesus, did not know a thing about Jesus, and now I'm telling you its the truth, its not non sense or written by men its the word of God and if you want to be saved if you want to take the free offer of the Lords eternal mercy then you say your prayer tonight and accept him as your saviour and no matter how dark these times get it does not matter because you have just accepted light at the end of your tunnel, you are going on to life and its a glorious thing, if people laugh, know that they are the unlucky ones, they have no light, this world will crumble and theyl be left with nothing! you will have the light of Jesus and will have nothing to worry about!

work on growing your faith, step one is accepting eternal life, takes one minute to do, DO IT, then its your job to grow!

Here is a previous blog we did explaining how to get saved and say the sinners prayer! one prayer wipes every sin you have ever committed away!

have you lied? have you cheated? have you stolen? one time in your life? then you are guilty! you admit your guilty so why do you think you will be found innocent and sent to heaven? you won't God tells us accepting Jesus is the way you are forgiven, if you don't accept him you'll be judged and sent to the lake of fire folks I'm preachin the truth, here is how to be saved

How to be saved!!

And here is another link to the people who say Jesus was not real or did not exist.

Jesus was Real!!!


  1. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ, my story is pretty well much the same as yours. I was never a believer, now I have come full circle, after about 10 years of hours a day research into the illuminati and the occult I am left with no doubt that God made us perfect without a independent rational mind. We were apart of God! After 1000's of years of dehumisation we have concealed God from ourselves. So God had to bring his Son our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ to die for our Sins so that we can be forgiven and accepted back into God's Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven. Since I asked Jesus for forgiveness my life has changed and I can tell I'm on the path back to the eternal

  2. Jesus did indeed walk this physical plane of Earth but his and his disciples texts were revised. A lot seems to be missing these days from the biblical documents written since King James found that he could rewrite the bible to fit his political needs. We need to be careful on whose version of the bible that we focus on or we can easily be misled. More than likely King James belonged to the illuminati's bloodline as do most people who seem to by chance, find their way into major positions of authority around the globe. Illuminati seem to find large religious groups as a threat to their existace in this reality so they seem to manipulate religions just enough to keep people from awakening to their full potential, unless people look beyond the word given to them and search for the answers to our existence here and as to whether we simply live and die.

  3. God once told 'Love your enemy'. There's nothing wrong with listening to songs by Rihanna or liking any other illuminati people. As long as you wont join Illuminati, everything will be fine. They have their own lives and you have your own.

    1. Agree we are to love our enemies brother.

      But to actively listen to demon inspired anti-God music, would not be defined as loving our enemies.

      To actually, condemn, expose, and call to repent the demon artist, is the loving thing to do.

      Love them by telling them the truth.

      To not expose and call these demon artists to repentance is to be complacent and the Christian is called to expose evil.

      Dont give the devil a foot hold brother.

      Please check out the blog I did called evidence the devil is real!

      and look through the links on the music industry!

  4. The Jesus you talk of did not want you to "follow" him, but obtain his consciousness. I have no doubt that his soul incarnated into a human body and walked this earth. He did amazing things and he wanted to show us that we can do them to. Still to this day, ANYONE can obtain christ consciousness. It just starts with raising your vibration and asking for the right things.

    People get the word confused because it has been manipulated purposefully, I am the word you are the word the word of god is simple, I am you you are me. The I Am presence that we all are. It's like doing basic math understanding these things. But if you look at it from a religious perspective you can't, because it's been controlled all your life just like anything else.. Do you think Jesus had a religion?


  6. their is no verse in the bible that says you have to turn from your sins to be saved or to stay saved.

  7. Praise to lord can i ask a question can lord give me justice right now....

  8. Just tread with caution. There is an often ambiguous difference between attaining knowledge about satan and his deceptive cohorts stewing their plans, and beeing sucked into a storm of deception, bondage and deceit at their hands

  9. Just tread with caution. There is an often ambiguous difference between attaining knowledge about satan and his deceptive cohorts stewing their plans, and beeing sucked into a storm of deception, bondage and deceit at their hands