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Kent Hovind's 2012 take on Mandatory Chip Implant by March 2013

May God Bless you Team

The Obamacare law that mandates everyone must be chipped by March 2013  has sparked controversy and i think the best answer to all this comes from Kent Hovind, he wrote regarding the people who believe this to be a myth..

One of the resident atheists/scoffers here read the article about the Obamacare health law requiring microchips to be implanted and had a “rebuttal” sent in from “Snopes”— whoever that is. According to the “rebuttal,” the rumor of the microchip is not true. Snopes says there is nothing in the law to require anyone to be implanted with a chip and never was.
Having a long history of dealing with skeptics and scoffers I have learned to read what they say a little more carefully than some. :) They have a tendency to be…willingly ignorant.
Snopes claims the page numbers cited are part of a “now-irrelevant” Bill HR 3200 that is not the same as the one that actually passed. OK…I can’t research that from here to see if that is true but… he (she?) from Snopes is missing several key points:
1. The fact that the chip was in the language of the originally proposed bill clearly shows the mindset of those who wrote the bill, namely they want to mandate that everyone receive an implanted device to monitor various things about health care. Read the article referred to in my previous blog to see for yourself. It DOES allow the Secretary to mandate an implanted device.
Anyone who has studied the history of the Social Security (SS) numbering system and how it was sold to the public in the 1930′s will understand how those numbers work. Those pushing for SS in the days surrounding the creation of the social security system said clearly in the debate, and even on the early SS cards, that the system was “not for identification purposes” and that the entire social security system was “voluntary.” What happened to that?
Any implanted 21st-century microchip will obviously be used eventually for not only identification but also for tracking and financial transactions. See Revelation 13.
2. NOBODY in Congress or the Senate even read the 2,400-page bill before they voted on it, as it arrived on their desks shortly before the vote was taken. In spite of the fact that both law and common sense require that bills be posted and studied for several days before any vote is taken, ObamaCare was not. Like most bills, the language in the bill is very ambiguous and certainly gives the “Secretary” PLENTY of wiggle room to still make it a mandate. The full details will be in the implementing regulations which will follow this bill/law. Is Snopes willing to put up a hefty bond that there is NO POSSIBLE way the current language could EVER be interpreted to accomplish the original intent or requiring an implant? Or that the forthcoming implementation regulations will not have the requirement? Has he (she?) read the entire law? Or even seen the law? Have you seen the law? Has your Congressman read the law NOW?
3. Is Snopes or anyone else willing to bet that the same language or idea is NOT still in the bill, just on different pages or scattered in various places to be collected later by a clever lawyer?
4. Even if this law does not require the microchip type device to be implanted it is abundantly clear that the Bible says a ‘mark’ system to buy or sell WILL happen. See Revelation 13.
5. It is also clear that over the last 20 years or so, millions of these chips have already been implanted in animals and people. Mexico has been putting them in their political leaders for a long time! It is obvious to most everyone with at least one eye and half of a brain, that the world is racing toward an all electronic transaction type system. It is also obvious that this will eventually become mandatory because cash, checks, credit cards etc simply will not be accepted.
6. Revelation 20 is also clear that MANY refuse to take the mark and are martyred for their faithfulness in the last days! Satan’s kingdom will be “partly strong and partly broken” according to Daniel 2. All through history, Satan and his followers have tried to force their plans on the followers of God and gotten VERY angry if the followers object. Cain sure used force on Abel! Pharaoh used force on the Jews in Egypt. Hitler used force on any who opposed him. Muslims force their beliefs on any who resist as do Communists. The list goes on and on! Those who refuse the mark in the future will be forced to make a hard choice.
I suggest everyone get busy NOW and win souls and encourage others to serve the Lord. Daniel 12:3 tells about the Grand Prize! Go for it! My book, The Adventures of the Hovind Grandhilcren, from the letters to my grandchildren is available on Hope you will get that book and read it to some young children in your life!
See you at the finish line!
Kent Hovind

Good to hear he is doing well! and still on track saving souls! for all of Kent Hovinds updates from prison visit Kent Hovind Blog.

The RFID technology is described 2000 years ago in the book of Revelation, why you ask? because God told us what to expect, plenty more still to come, read the book of Revelation for yourself, were living in end times its plain to see!

Get saved bro's and sisters time is short whether you want to acknowledge it or not, ask yourself if you died tonight would God let you in to heaven? not without Jesus Christ so trust me people investigate the subject! 

May God Bless you Team


  1. The whole microchipping aganda was long ago exposed by David Icke. It is about being able to control everything you say, do or THINK. It is about total slavery. Plus, it will allow them to kill you or torture you remotely should you disobey.

    1. Exposed by a number of people, David Icke you should be careful brother, he mixes truth with poison that's how he gets you! and i think your stepping in to a more futuristic thought regarding the chip, i dont think it will allow them to remotley torture you or control every thing you say and do, its being brought in as a money transaction method, and to keep track of all personal records and every detail about your life, you can speculate they will use it to torture control your mind etc, but its speculation really, and i don't believe it will go that far anyway, when they have the world government, the chip will have all your details on it and be the way you exchange money, and thats the most it will come to, probably could be their goal to go further i do not know but i doubt this will happen lol, btw David Icke is using demon spirit guides, who are deceiving him on an number of things so listen to Kent Hovind a lot more than David Icke!