Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Money, The Banks, The Debt.. The Collapse

God Bless You All Team!

This page of the blog will be detailing the lucrative money and banking fraud that has been going on in this world for centuries, beginning with the privately owned Bank of England in 1694, which should really be called The Bank of Rothschild if we're being honest and not trying to convince the people its a government owned bank! Also we have the American Federal Reserve, another privately owned bank, but named to make the American people think its a part of the government, this is not true. Side point, is it not strange these banks are private, BUT SO DECEPTIVELY NAMED ?? The wealth of the world is printed by these Illuminati Bankers through corporations like the IMF, the World Bank, and many more,  it has been this way in America for 100 years, and even longer in the UK, the plan was always to establish control over the money supply, then bankrupt the entire world, resulting in the failing of the world, and the need for a global government.

Here is a simple analogy to explain America's situation with its money lenders the Federal Reserve.

Imagine a child (America) who's only source of income was from his parents (Federal Reserve), if the parents give the child money and told him he would have to pay interest on all money he received from them it wouldn't take long for the child to realise he was in a never ending cycle, the money he owes his parents, would never be fully paid as its his only source of income so to try and pay debts he would be forced to borrow more from them to pay them off, but borrowing more leads to paying more interest, there was no possible way it would have worked from the start it only benefits the parents (Fed Reserve). Fed Reserve and America work the exact same way all money printed is printed at interest it costs 0.025 cents to print a 100 dollar bill but the American government and therefore the American people are charged interest on the 100 dollars not the 0.025 it cost to print the money. the word "federal" is used to throw you its no more government owned than fedex (Federal Express), it is no more government owned than Walmart is government owned, that is.. Not at all! it is 100% a private company and not government owned or working for the interest of the American people, it is there only goal to make a profit like any other private business out there.

In the year 2012 or the year 2013 i believe this long awaited and INEVITABLE collapse of world nations will begin, and i know how wild these claims are to make, but if you understood the banks, and the banking systems which i will hopefully be able to do for you today, then you will see this is a very harsh reality, and not just crazy talk. Lets start of with this video clip of a highly regarded and well known Trends Forecast Researcher and top Economist Gerald Celente, lets see what his opinion is on this .. G Celente.

Gerald Celente there and i quote "its the most certain prediction we've ever made" that there will be a global collapse soon, and there will be! for this is not just a conspiracy or some crazy guys believing something is going to go wrong and a collapse will happen! no this is inevitable, and understanding that the Illuminati satanic elite bankers like Rothschild and Rockefeller, have the key role in this, and the end goal was always to collapse the world, so their satanic agenda for world domination could be a success! basically for their new world order to come in, the old world order will have to collapse! and Celente just told you its coming!.

Now, there will be alot of questions your asking right now, so lets just try and get they questions out the way before you read any further, here is an explanation of what has been going on, watch this Understanding the Financial Crisis, when you watch that, if you would like to understand more about how this is happened and whats going on, this is a must watch 30 min long Animated Short film, American Dream, hopefully that will have explained the money issue a little better and your now reading with less questions!

But if you still have questions about the debt, the money, and how it all happened, then i have the documentary for you.. its roughly 3 hours long, and explains it all from the beginning, it is the most accurate, truthful and fact filled documentary ever made exposing the banking fraud that has been taking place for years and if you watch this, it will really open your eyes..  The Money Masters.

OK so i hope we now understand after looking over all of that, we have come to the realisation that a group of bankers have been swindling us for centuries, in order to collapse the world, And they are only doing that in order to then fulfil there agenda of global dominance and  bring about the appearance of the Antichrist.
we will really nail that subject wide open later.

Now if your still not convinced that were entering a stage in history, where the collapse of the world is about to take place, then have a look at a quote from Maurice Strong, Head of the UN Conference on Environment and Development, he said this 20 years ago in 1992 "Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialised civilisations collapse? ISN'T IT OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BRING THAT ABOUT?"

The people at the United Nations do not like you, nor do they care about you, or want whats best for you,they are a tool created by the Illuminati to create guidelines for global governance, the name UNITED NATIONS, should be a clue to that! here is a couple of links that will expose the truth to you about the UN..LINK 1, LINK 2 (bible is word of God) .. And finally here is a link to United Nations Exposed Part 1 of 5.

The main world power, is nothing but an Illuminati organisation, that should worry you as to what they have in store for us, Maurice Strong told you there going to collapse all industrialised civilisations.. and if you didn't quite get that, the UK and the USA are 2 of the industrialised civilisations he was talking about.

The last part i am going to add in to this truth about the debt and the coming world financial collapse, is words from a man named Lindsey Williams, He has been on the Alex Jones Radio Show many times in his life, and a recent appearance he made he revealed shocking information he received from one of the high up elites in the world affairs who he has been giving him information, he has lots of contacts and has been in the game all his life, every time Williams has made a prediction his words become facts not so long after the initial prediction, and this time what he revealed struck home with me US DOLLAR DEAD BY 2012.

I hope you take a look at all the evidence shown in this blog, and also do research of your own, i will leave you all with a video depicting the first 12 hours of a dollar collapse, Lindsey Williams has told us it was given to him by them, the dollar is going to collapse, "it will be dead by the end of 2012" and not forgetting Gerald Celente telling us its his most certain prediction ever! So in conclusion people, we need to get ready, here is the first 12 Hours of a dollar collapse in America, and the results would be the exact same in the UK, if your in UK and America goes into a mass chaos, do you think UK will be fine and dandy? what happened when the housing bubble of 08 crashed in America? was the UK fine and dandy? imagine that times a million in America, The UK will not be fine and dandy! The First 12 Hours of a Dollar Collapse.

If you live in Scotland we will have a plan when the collapse happens, but its going to take alot of people to unite to make it happen, If anybody lives in Scotland, and would like a place to be able to go when the collapse eventually comes get in touch to us, Together we Stand, Divided we Fall, so we don't have an amazing amount of food supplies or water, all we will have is the numbers of people not wanting to go through it alone, the numbers of people who will bring their families, we will have a designated meeting point where everyone who wants to avoid the rioting and the looting, and be educated about the entire plot and the endgame, then i advise you get in touch, we will be able to survive as one unit, and are we not all one blood? we will post a blog detailing a meet up place on a later day, however if you wouldn't like to stand with us, your welcome to try your hand at looting, see how long you can loot before you realise there is nothing left to steal, and you start to get hungry.. you come with us we will feed ourselves.


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