Friday, 15 March 2013

Illuminati Exposed, Testimony from Former Member Doc Marquis

The Illuminati have now been around for well over 200 years since its formation in 1776, from as early as the 1790's, people have spoken out exposing this secret society and its goal for world domination, and many have exposed its core satanic agenda of fulfilling the Biblical end times scenario.

This testimony is very powerful and very informative for people seeking truth on the Illuminati and is good for study to KNOW THE ENEMY! this is not a worldly battle we are in with these ruling elites but a spiritual, these men are working for Satan, and the ruling fallen angel principalities, and Satan and the fallen angels true goal is simply to bring man kind away from their God, away from their creator and from the eternal life promised by that creator, so the Illuminati are ultimately performing this through mainstream television which they own, or music which they completely control and use all these things to corrupt the individual... these mainstream TV and music songs are going out to hundreds of millions of people... they use that to corrupt the general population, music is always about drinking, you only live once philosophy, just enjoy yourself, while you can go to discovery channel and learn how your a complete cosmic chance, and your just evolved from an ape, there is no God, if it feels good... DO IT... its a corrupting machine and believe me this end time reality is completely locked down by the enemy.

It as apparently clear to me that we are in the HEART of end times, with the final pope now in place with the corrupt catholic organisation, i really do not think we have long left brothers and sisters, get educated on the times!! i hope this video will be a blessing and educate you on the Illuminati and their core doctrines.

Praise God for our brother Doc Marquis testimony and his salvation!

Doc Marquis - Arrival Of The Antichrist Part 1

Doc Marquis - Arrival of The Antichrist Part 2

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  1. The Illuminati were disbanded after the Bavarian government seized their papers in 1786. See the book The Secret School of Wisdom for what they really stood for and what was taught in their clandestine circles.