Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President

May God Bless you Team

Barack Obama is no different to George Bush, to Bill Clinton or to any other president within the last 100 years, Obama was put into power by the satanic elite in control of the planet, Obama himself is a Freemason.
Freemason's sure had a nice sacrifice that night!

Easy to spot Free masonic handshake!

Allegiance to American People? Allegiance to Satan and the Freemason's?

This is a picture of one of the Freemason Logo's -

The following picture was an Obama Campaign poster i believe, look closely at the image on the ring.

Presidential seal

This is a Freemason symbol on the ring, Obama is too anyone who has researched this a known Freemason, and Freemason's associate, he is buddies with the big Freemason's, also known as the puppet masters.

Anyway Obama has no allegiance to the American people, his allegiance is to his masters, the Freemasons, The Illuminati and ultimately Satan, Satanists are very much in control of the world today.

To become president of the United States you have to be a US born citizen, so true American! it came out roughly 2 or 3 years ago Obama was not an American citizen, people were called conspiracy theorists and nutcases etc for even asking the question!

But after a series of lies and deceit (no surprise) it has been taken up as a real issue in court, Obama's citizenship is under real scrutiny, and for justice to be done he should be impeached, he is not legal to be the president.

The following article explains the case brought against Obama and his false birth claims, a Judge is deliberating the matter, and this article shows Obama's attorneys to be sweating it out bad!

This man is not the main event, he is a puppet of the real men who are the main event, and the real men behind the main event are following Satan's power and demands, they will achieve their Goals, there is no escape, this world is not your kingdom!

The bible predicted these times would come as did Jesus himself, the only escape is a trip to heaven! and the only way there is accepting Jesus! explore this blog if you would like to find out about going to heaven! times are going to get bad people the bible warned!

The following is a link to the Obama Birth Certificate court case...

For other Exposing Information on the rat bag Obama check these out...

There is a lot more good information to expose Barack Obama with, these are the only sources i will list for now but any other one's you come across we will add to the list if you let us know..

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