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The French Revolution - Orchestrated By The Illuminati

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The Illuminati was a group officially formed in 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt, he received his funding from the Rothschild family, and after this satanic group was formed and merged with Freemasonry, it became unstoppable in its plans for World Control.

<<Adam Weishaupt, Founder of the Illuminati

The Illuminati first step in overthrowing the world as it stood was by causing revolutions all over the world, and replacing the leaders with Illuminati and Freemason correspondents, The French Revolution was the first of these.

Now in schools we get taught that the French Revolution was glorious and the monarchy in control of France was terrible so the public finally rose up and took control of their own country, had a revolution and kicked out the monarchs.. that's the teaching we grow up with but that's not the fact of the matter, remember who it is doing the teachings and who controls what gets taught in the schools in the first place, ILLUMINATI, so don't be shocked to find out the school system is telling these lies about history, their a tool used to manipulate minds, and every child is forced through this indoctrination programme, their caging the minds.

What really happened at the time of the French Revolution was a group of radicals called The Jacobin Clubs arose we read in the great William Stills (left) book Still where he says 

"The Jacobin Clubs...were organised.. under the direct inspiration of the Bavarian Illuminati" - Still Page 85

and also to add to that, in 1793 Alloys Hoffman, The Editor of The Vienna Journal wrote...

"I will never cease to repeat that The [French] Revolution has come from Masonry and.. the Illuminati"

He continues saying...

"The Jacobin's vowed to destroy the monarchy... and sought to establish what they called a "New World Order"..."

The French Government that was overthrown at the time was the most liberal government in all of Europe, It was the least likely country to be in need of a revolution! The King at the time loved France, loved God and loved the people, easy to see why they had to have them removed...

"In...1789, an artificial shortage of grain was created by Illuminist manipulations of the grain market. This produced a famine so intense that it brought the nation to the edge of revolt."
"... the conspirators held up the food supplies blocked all reforms in the National Assembly to exacerbate the situation... and the populous starved." - The New World Order by William T. Still pg 85

So with all the Jacobin propaganda influencing the people, the people blamed the monarchy King Louis the 16th and his queen Marie Antoinette. 

Antoinette is famous for having said "Let them eat cake" in response to the starvation of the people.. But modern research has exposed the phrase was set down earlier by Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1766, while Marie Antoinette was only 10 years old.

One source writes..

"The saying was attributed to Marie Antoinette in 1789, by radical agitators who were trying to turn the populous against her" - Source Professor Jennifer Mori, University of Toronto

But as a result of all the Illuminati propaganda, King Louis the 16th (left) and his Queen were overthrown, and murdered on behalf of the revolution, King Louis seems to be a more passionate ruler than we are forced to believe in the public school system. When the revolutionaries broke in to the royal palace his Swiss guard was slain because they were ordered, NOT TO FIRE UPON THE PEOPLE, in relation to this king, would Obama or George bush have done this? lol YOU WOULD BE TOAST.

At King Louis' execution he said..

"I Pardon those who have occasioned my death and I pray to God that the blood you are going to shed may never be visited on France." - History online

The Illuminati had to have the righteous taken out, in order to put their unrighteous agents in.

During the revolution, while pretending to fight for the will of the people, The Jacobin's with their satanic agenda, became more bloody and tyrannical than most monarchy's have ever been. William T. Still writes..

"Terror was rampant in the streets of Paris. The full horror of government by Satanism was being played out, complete with human butcherings and cannibalism."

During this reign of terror..

"..approximately 18,000 citizens were sent to the guillotine and many more died in prison without being formally brought to trial." - Hutchison Encyclopedia

Adam Weishaupt sent his HAND-PICKED representative into Paris, a man named Baron de Clouts, who arrogantly named himself "The Orator of Mankind" and "The personal enemy of Jesus Christ". He then set about to remove ALL traces of Christianity from France, he even abolished Sunday and attempted to create his own calender.

But without doubt for me the most ghastly and horrific element of the French Revolution, was a programme that would set a pattern for wicked governments ever-after.

William Still writes...

"In 1793.. The revolutionary leaders embarked upon a fearful new project... called depopulation."

What they did was they attempted to reduce the population of France, at the time France had a population of about 25 million, and they wanted to reduce that to about 16 million, they wanted to this because there was a high unemployment level and low standard of living because of the revolution, So their answer to unemployment was kill about 9 million people.

So at this time The Jacobin's toiled over maps and discussed the number of each citizen to be murdered. 

In Nantes, 500 Children were murdered in one butchery,

And a 144 poor women who sowed shirts for the army were thrown into the river.

Stone quarry's at the time were a favourite site for mass-extermination, and it was said that many quarry operators had to shut down, due to the piles of bodies.

While the depopulation plot failed to achieve its goals of slaughtering 9 to 17 million people, the death toll taken at the time records about 300,000 murdered. The Illuminati in control of this world, are still as evil today, imagine what we have got in store.. WAKE UP, THIS PLOT IS ON GOING, HAPPENING, AND IS GOING TO AFFECT YOU WITHIN A FEW YEARS.

More than a century after the French Revolution took place, Adolf Hitler would refer to his Nazi movement as ".. the exact counterpart of the French Revolution

in 1993 Zbigniew Brzezinski (left) Former National Security Adviser, estimated that in the 20th century alone, 167,000,000 to 175,000,000 (MILLION) Lives were deliberately extinguished by politically motivated carnage. Many believe that this "politically motivated carnage" began with the Jacobin depopulation plan.

I Hope this have given you a better view of the French Revolution and are able to research into it further, a good by is New World Order by William T. Still.

But the deception that happened to the people of France, ITS HAPPENING TODAY, RIGHT NOW, anyone who believes the American government is a good well meaning organisation YOU ARE WRONG, they have been completely taken over a long time ago, the presidents are selected years in advance, and its a completely rigged game, this is your time to escape that! 

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In Jesus name people, if you don't believe yet, you will in a few years!

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