Friday, 15 June 2012

Ex-Satanic Secret Society Member - Incredible Testimony - Roger Morneau

May God Bless you Team

 This page is About the man named Roger Morneau, Now most people won't have heard of him, in the 1940's, Roger was a part of the satanic secret societies that plague our world today, and his testimony of the things he seen, the people he spoke to and the things he heard are incredible!

Any Christian or non-Christian should take the time and listen to this full story, from the beginning and how Roger got acquainted with the secret societies, and then how just before he sealed his fate for good, he met an unlikely man and Roger turned from his ways after meeting this man.

Words really cannot do this entire testimony from all sides of the story justice, it really is a must read and am eager to hear what people think about the testimony, I know he is credible because a vast amount of his story has been confirmed by unrelated Satanist group members.

Here is the link to watch his entire testimony, if you watch the entire thing it will be a blessing! Demons and Satan are very real people, this is one of the many many accounts to prove it.


  1. Please, ask Roger what he makes of the border killings in Mexico today, they are most certainly satanic ritual sacrifice- the media is afraid or warned not to mention the triangle shapes carved into the victims. They keep calling it "zeta cartel" murders. If they are simply "murders" then WHY the mutilations? WHY the multiple stabbings and marks on the bodies? This is NOT mere "drug murders" please look into this

    1. I am not in contact with Roger lol, but i have seen these killings you are talking about, it does seem like satanic ritual killings, there happening more and more everywhere, SATANISM is the worlds best kept secret, it happens world wide, but the devil is good at keeping what he wants hidden from the world! it makes sense when you think about it, and you'l never find the truth your looking for on mainstream news brother!

    2. sorry to half to say that our brother in christ Roger Morneau died in september 1998

    3. sorry to tell you but our brother in Christ Roger Morneau died in september 1998.