Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Kanye West - Gay Rappers in Hip Hop exposed

May God Bless you Team


There is more than enough evidence on the internet to show you their is a deep conspiracy going on in the music industry, a satanic conspiracy, and Satanists often perform gay sex acts as praise to Satan, their idol of worship... I am a Christian and i love Jesus, i thank the Lord for everything in my life, similarly, these devil worshipers seek to praise their God! Gay sex acts is a known sign of worship. 

This will require more investigation and verifying on your part but i assure you this is the truth, look up insider Proffessor Griff exposing the homosexual agenda taking part in the music industry.

But this is just a 4 part expose of Kanye West, known high up in the Illuminati, and is also a homosexual, his lifestyle is of devil worship, and although this is not seen on the outside, its very much shown in plain sight, yet hidden, i will update this page time to time when i learn more.

Kanye West Exposed Part One

Kanye West Exposed Part Two

Kanye West Exposed Part Three

Kanye West Exposed Part Four


Updates will be added..

May God Bless you Team

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