Sunday, 30 September 2012

UFO Aliens, are an Illuminati Deception, Do Not Be Fooled

God Bless you all team.

UFO's have been exploding the latter half of the 1900's, even sightings from Illuminati puppet Ronald Reagan, and many other prominent Illuminati names, also the UFO buzz has exploded from things like Roswell, Area 51 etc etc.

The Illuminati controlled Hollywood movie industry has also been promoting the UFO propaganda of little green aliens from outer space who travel in space ships.. this is the most common opinion on what these UFO's are.

Since childhood i have always been fascinated with UFO's and was always convinced it was indeed life from other planets coming to visit us, i had watched all the documentaries about Roswell and Area 51 and i was convinced of life on other planets.

Being able to look back retrospectively i am able to see the Illuminati deception had worked, and the core of this deception is to make you believe life evolved on other planets.. just like life evolved on this planet .. AND THAT'S THE KICKER, LIFE DID NOT JUST EVOLVE ON THIS PLANET.

The only thing that makes this little green men theory even plausible is the belief in evolution, and ultimately removing God from the scenario, so when you see the Illuminati pushing it in all their movies? there brainwashing you literally to believe in evolution, and also the coming alien deception that the Illuminati have planned.

There is a whole deception coming based around this idea of life from other galaxies, but i will not delve too deep in to that right now, here are a few links to learn about this coming deception so you can be ready, Jesus told you TAKE HEED THAT NO MAN DECEIVE YOU, so really important you guys realise the world is not as it seems and learn a lot so that you can overcome the deceptive workings of the devil.

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But the purpose of this blog is to educate, as well as to provide you with more to research.

These "Aliens" are not "Aliens" 

They do not fly from far off galaxies, and live on other planets, i promise you, the whole belief is based around the thinking "look at the size of the universe you can't believe were the only life out here" .. well yeah buddy i can because God made the universe, and he made the galaxies, and he told you specifically he created ALL LIFE.. and he also told you that EVE IS THE MOTHER OF ALL LIFE, you don't need to worry God didn't make another civilisation on some far off planet and not mention it to us! there are no aliens! the reason that idea is so popular because its Illuminati backed, and its to DECEIVE PEOPLE.

The UFO's we see in the sky are DEMONS, now i don't want you to picture some satanic creature that looks all evil, they are DEMON SPIRITS, now this is widely held belief among scholars and i will give plenty of sources where you can go and learn more about this, but its important you know.

If you ever see a UFO or see video's they are usually sighted as bright lights, often seen in groups, and they can appear and disappear, the only reason your mind thinks that bright light is a flying saucer from a far off distant galaxy is programming, and also these demons of deception are playing there role, by appearing like these things, they play the part of the alien beings, that will be used to deceive humanity in the coming years in some form of another... its important to understand if they created a believable deception with aliens, it would appear to the world as if Evolution is true, and there is no God, and it would set the world for the conditions described as the end times in the Bible, so there is real weight behind this.

So by you believing you are being visited by aliens from distant planets, you are being deceived by another Illuminati lie, just like all those who think they are evolved.. are believing an Illuminati funded lie.. if you know about the Illuminati.. and you know they fund billions into the teaching of your life beliefs.. you have to change some beliefs can i hear a hallelujah? 

These are a part of the conspiracy, this idea is helping poison your mind brothers and sisters, since i was a child i know i was deceived, i was one of the guys running around saying THE GOVERNMENT ARE HIDING ALIENS FROM US... all along, that's what they wanted me to think, brothers and sisters listen when i say Jesus told you! BE NOT DECEIVED! click a few links and go into your own research on this.

The entire conspiracy happening today is against God, because this is the final world empire, prophesied in the book of Daniel, in that book and also in the book of Revelation it clearly details all empires in world history, and makes clear the world government we see being formed will be the last one, and will be the throne of the Antichrist Click Here if you want to learn how.

Please learn all you can friends and please come to realise that Jesus Christ is the only way you will ever find yourself in heaven, whatever you think about it, it does not matter, it is the only way to salvation, and hey ITS A FREE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE, i sure do not feel embarrassed about claiming eternal life, so please think about accepting Jesus Christ in your life, as your personal saviour so that he can take away your sin! and get you into heaven with God the Father! Please Click Here to find out HOW TO BE SAVED!

And if your one of those guys who is still in that river in Egypt, still in denial, and saying all that stuff about Jesus wasn't real, etc etc.. just click here, look at the historical evidence, and then know your wrong, Jesus was real, Jesus died on that cross for you.. you better realise it brother cause judgement day gets 1 day closer every time you wake up.  Historic Records Prove Jesus was Real.

A few more links that will give you all the knowledge you need on this subject, and to further investigate the truth!! Please like us on Facebook and help get us a following! only the few know the complete truth! 

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God Bless you all team. 


  1. Wow...amazing...You know a lot about the Illuminati,I have a few questions though..
    Why the heck is Obama and other popular Americans involved in this whole thing..and who started this whole one world idea and when will they actually put it into effect,they killed John F Kennedy a week or so after he gave a hint about it (or so I heard) will they kill "us" if we opposed it or revealed it openly to all?
    And how do all these celebs know about the Illuminati and why r they making so many satanic did they come to know of them?Please answer my questions,Thank you and great job...You have a wonderful blog about the truth.

    1. Hi sister thank you for your encouraging words! i can sense a truth seeking heart when i hear it and i would like to answer your questions! do you have facebook and it would be easier for me to answer and explain because your comment reminds me so much of myself years ago!! lol please add me on facebook we can talk!

  2. Wow. Well, let me tell you something.

    If you're going to give such a blatant disregard to SCIENCE, you shouldn't be able to use things such as the internet.

    As a famous quote once went, "It is man's most arrogant thought to believe he is alone in an infinitely large universe." There are so many mysterious things in the world, and yet, people like you who preach open mindedness, immediately call out a new discovery as a demon. Many lights in the sky, your "demonic spirits", can easily be explained by, oh look, science.

    It is one thing to believe in what you wish, but it is another to be completely blinded by it.

  3. hey im from belize and im just starting to find information about the illuminati im under age right now so i can revele my name or anything but i wana show the people of belize about this things i need help from evrywhere possible so i ask you for help im young still yet but i trust that God will help me with these things i have many questions to ask you can find me on facebook as zain B santos
    thanks for the information it was usful