Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Future of America Hidden in Dollar Bills

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Most people have come to the knowledge that if you fold a dollar bill a certain way, that you can make an image that shows the twin towers engulfed in smoke just as they were on 9/11.  This is true and is undeniable, the way you have to shape the dollar note in order to reveal the hidden coding, is the shape of a pentagram, the holiest symbol in satanism.

You take the note, you fold it in the shape of a pentagram, and then you turn it upside down, and your looking at the twin towers burning. Now this is all most people know on the topic! 


There is much more and the sources to educate you on this are linked below! The Twin Tower bombings on 9/11 is not the only things hidden in the dollar currency notes.  They show the pentagon, the Oklahoma city bombings etc etc, Now i would not believe this unless i had seen it, and it all adds up, the fact whats seen in the currency has happened, proves it to be more than a "conspiracy theory" and also proves that whoever is involved with the design of these notes, had foreknowledge of the coming attacks, because the notes were all printed before the attacks they are showing occurred! 

There are even some events that have not happened yet in some of the currency notes, THE HOOVER DAM is one and is expected to be a target, but i don't ask that you just believe me brothers and sisters educate yourself! Please look at the sources below and then research further.


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