Thursday, 4 October 2012

Obama is Gay - Proof and Testimony

Thank You and God Bless!


Obama is another high level Freemason, his allegiance is not with the american people, and i even think the whole Muslim thing is very over hyped, it gives the illusion that Obama is the one making decisions, when in reality, all orders come from the Illuminati Satanic Elite, anything else i believe is just a part of the false cover.

For example if we was muslim, he would be following the rules of Muslims, which he definetly is not! This blog is just to give people a better look at Obama from behind the curtains.. you have to realize every time you ever see Obama, its perfectly scripted and controlled, you dont have the real person you have what is presented to you.

So Obama is a high level freemason that is clue one, the fact he is an elite, in power, with a connection to the freemasons - ANYONE who is even partly awake, should have alarm bells ringing, a Freemason in this day and age in control of the country? his allegiance is not with the people, its with the people who put him there.

This article shows how Obama does indeed have a gay hidden life first of all

Obama hidden Gay Life

Now here is a story from a man who claims to have smoked crack cocaine and also had homosexual relations with Obama, now remember the Freemason background, they worship Lucifer as God and a sign of Satan worship is gay sex, so this man story would not fit with the profile of Obama, cool black man with wife and kids .. BUT THAT IS THE IMAGE FED TO YOU, Obama forgot one of his kids names and birthdays at a press hearing did you hear about that? .. this man is living a false image deceiving the people, here is a the testimony condemning Obama, and also in the early 90's Obama had friends on a gay club scene, they could not believe when he became president, and that he did not come out as gay, research this further!! 

Larry Sinclair - Exposing Obama's Secret Gay Past

Larry Sinclair clearly with a damning testimony that has gone ignored strangely.. Here is a more recent testimony..

Larry Sinclair Exposing Obama

I Hope this helps give you a true view of Obama behind the curtains, forget everything you think you know about him, its been pushed on you, learn about his Freemason ties, learn his Kenyan background, learn his communist back ground, this man is BAD NEWS, SATANIC bad news, i just recommend you don't vote to be honest, or vote Gary Johnson not that it will matter, voting is like the illusion when you are at lights crossing a street, and we always press the button lots of times because we think it will make the lights change faster, well pressing that button isnt gonna make the lights change faster, and voting isnt gonna get the guy we want in! for a start its controlled opposition, both sides bought controlled owned and paid from by Illuminati bankers, and if one guy did slip through, the voting is still completely rigged to say who they decide to let win... the machines the ballots etc all rigged, so my advice is don't vote, and when the wars and criminal bank bailouts come you can say, i didn't vote for it! 

So wake up people there is no choice in politics, the entire worlds system is controlled, and were simply waiting for the economies to crumble which has been planned for the past century, then after that and all the chaos, the world will be one step closer to the world currency, world bank, world government, and one step closer to the bible being proved true because it told you everything that they have planned, 2000 years ago, entire NWO exposed in the bible, you better believe it.

The way out of whats happening in this world is heaven, no voting will fix things, no revolution will fix things, the world will go the way its been fortold to go in the bible, this world empire will arise, the antichrist will rule, and after that, Jesus will return and that will be the end, the only way out is with Jesus, so please don't close your mind off to the truth but explore it! 

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Thank You and God Bless!

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