Monday, 8 October 2012

Government Vaccines Completely Exposed - Facts

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This Blog is only to expose to you the true facts behind the vaccines that our government are pushing more and more on children right after they are born.

If you are uneducated on this and believe that all kids must be vaccinated for their own safety, then i please urge you to examine the information in the sources i will list, they are from PHD holders and use academic resources to prove what they are saying to be true.

The truth is, the Vaccines are part of the Illuminati depopulation plan, Bill gates openly admits, they send Vaccines to Africa to help reduce the population.... Let that sink in, he is saying the vaccination jags are helping to kill young children in Africa.. don't believe me?

Bill Gates Admits Depopulation

So if the vaccines they send to African kids to "help" them is actually killing them.. what about the ones every child in the UK and America gets? please please take time and watch the following sources on this issue.

This is an issue the parent HAS to have real knowledge on what they are putting into their child, so please share this with anybody you think needs to know, and help stop people poisoning their children!!

Dr Oz in America this is a true story, he has been trying to get people to vaccinate their kids on big campaigns in America.. it then turned out that Dr Oz himself WAS NOT GETTING HIS OWN CHILDREN VACCINATED.. surely that fact speaks to you alone.

ALSO look up Dr Tenpenny, she is a respected known name, and she said..

Dr. Tenpenny: “Vaccines are the backbone of the entire Pharmaceutical Industry…
The vaccinated children become customers for life!”

What she is saying is when they get vaccinated, it will lead to health problems later on and all through life, if it does not cause death! therefore BIG BUSINESS. 

Enjoy these documentaries on the subject and please share this knowledge with people who don't know. 

Vaccinations and Inoculations - An Expose

Also if that is not enough to convince you on the subject, research a bit further and look into it yourself, This is called Vaccines, The Risks, The Benefits and The Choices.. anyone planning to educate someone on Vaccines to someone who is willing to listen, i recommend you show them this presentation by a medical professional  SHARE THIS INFO, YOU NOW KNOW, NOW SHARE!

Vaccine, Risks, Benefits, Choices

ALL WE ASK IS YOU EXAMINE THE FACTS AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF Please get this information out! Please Like us on Facebook! and please search this Blog further and EDUCATE YOURSELF, God bless you all i pray you all accept Jesus as your Savior because there is a God and there is proof that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, and no man will go unto the Father but by him!  

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Thank you and God Bless!

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