Saturday, 23 June 2012

Why Alex Jones Is Still Alive

May God Bless you Team

Alex Jones - The T-Rex of Radio Talk Shows

Most people wonder about people like Alex Jones and David Icke and can't figure out why neither of them have been killed by the Illuminati, like so many others have! I believe this answer is quite clear now, i have been deliberating over this for a few years now, and over the last few weeks it has become clear.

Most other people who end up dead or in prison for exposing the Illuminati, are the people exposing the fact they are a satanic cult with a satanic agenda, and outline specifically that their world government plan will ultimately be fulfilled with the coming of the Antichrist, and the fulfilment of Bible prophecy written in the Book of Daniel and Revelations.

Fritz Springmeier Exposing Illuminati Bloodlines on the show Prophecy Club
Fritz Springmeier is a Christian, who helped mind control victims of the Illuminati break the hold, and get them saved to Christ. Fritz also wrote a book called Bloodlines of The Illuminati which is an amazing read, where he details (eerily similar to what David Icke says) The Bloodlines of The top 13 Families of the Illuminati and tracks it back right into Babylon, He also has some teachings i don't agree with but i believe he is very accurate with his accusation they are planning to bring The Antichrist, and also in you need to accept Jesus in order to go to heaven, so anyway, Fritz got jailed for 20 years, David Icke on the other hand, who has exposed a lot more than Fritz ever did, is aloud to roam freely continuing exposing and deceiving people with the idea we are nothing but consciousness.

Icke's theory is another way to keep you from heaven
So lets take this into perspective, David Icke - exposes the Illuminati but tells you Jesus was not special, and there is no God - Fritz Springmeier does not expose half as much as Icke, But tells you there's a Jesus and a God, and the bible is true - He gets 20 years

John Todd - ended up in Jail on False Charges, then just Disappeared 
John Todd, who claims to be an ex-member of the Illuminati and i believe him because i have heard every claim he makes from different sources and backed up by evidence, and also he was imprisoned and then disappeared, right after he made his testimony, that is a big enough sign to say this man was exposing something, people did not want him exposing.

John Todd Confesses that he was part of the satanic cult, performed satanic rituals, and that after he got out he accepted Christ and decided to expose it all, WHAT IS THE BETTING, IF JOHN TODD CAME OUT AND SAID I'M HERE TO EXPOSE THE ILLUMINATI, BUT THERE IS NO GOD OR JESUS, HE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE AND SPREADING THIS FALSE TEACHING?

So the difference between being kept alive, and being shut up, is if your telling THE COMPLETE TRUTH or not, if you explain Jesus is Lord, there is a God, there is Devil, the Devil has groups like the Illuminati which are creating a world government in order to fulfil bible prophecy and bring the Antichrist to rule the last world empire, then you will be shut up as fast as they can.

However if your story is a deceiving story, like David Icke, you are, well i hope he is being used as a "useful idiot" so to speak, I'm not saying David Icke is an idiot, he is a very smart man, but his teaching that we are all conscious energy etc is very in line with the new age movement, watch Megiddo 2: The New Age Movement for more on that, so seeing as he is deceiving people, its a gain to the Illuminati to have him keep speaking, after all they know they are working with the devil, do you think you can stop them? The devil is in control of this entire plan, and bible prophecy for told the world government would be a success, and ultimately run by the Antichrist.

Alex Jones always talks about we are winning this fight, i believe we can stop them, Humans will look back on this in a thousand years and say we defeated them. This is all good talk for getting his listeners pumped up! And don't take this post the wrong way either, Alex Jones actually woke me up and i pray for him every night! I love the guy but when he goes on to tell people we will win, its just not true. 

And Alex also says he is a Christian and loves God, and i love that fact about him, he probably had a lot to do with me getting saved, But if he is a Christian why does he not acknowledge the prophecies of Daniel and Revelations? they clearly tell we are living in the last world empire, which ultimately will be a world government, which will be ruled by 10 kings, and then the Antichrist will take total power!! this was written 2600 and 2000 years ago, is it just chance this plot for world government really got rolling in the 1700's? just like the bible said? no! its prophecy being fulfilled to the letter!

So just as we can see it being set up by the Illuminati and the Freemason's which are 2 strings on the same rope, we can also look to the Bible prophecies to see how its going to turn it, and it clearly explains this Antichrist will take control of the world government and force every person on the planet to take his mark, which will then forfeit his soul, and the Devil ultimately wants to stop you from going to heaven! so that's what the Antichrist will do when he is in power.

So i believe Alex Jones is aloud to stay on air and is not being shut down because he does not warn of the Illuminati's main goal, he sometimes talks about things being 65 million years old, the world is 6000 years old created by God!! so he has a lot of unknowing deception coming from his show, i don't believe he is a bad guy, i don't believe he is doing any of this on purpose, i just think he is still technically asleep in this department regarding the prophecies of things to come.

He will be kept alive and well i would imagine until he touches on any major subject like Antichrist, Bible Prophecy, Accepting Jesus and keeps speaking about it, if he does that i imagine they would have him taken out.

This is just my own opinion but i believe it holds reasonable arguments, as to why he has not actually been jailed or worse killed! I would really like to get in touch and actually ask Alex what he makes of the Bible prophecies it would be interesting to see his answer! 

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- don't fall for "we will beat these globalist" - these satanist, are simply fulfilling Gods word.


  1. Really -- Alex Jones accepts the 'millions of years old' theory? when 1/ the Bible states clearly that God used 6 literal days (note 10 Commandments where the word 'day' is same used for the Six Creation Days and the regular days leading to the Sabbath 2/ Jesus asserted the OT as factual history ... ie, Genesis account is historical 3/ God did not use evolution, since this would entail He used millions of years of death before creating Adam (or more accurately allowing apes to become man, and then how did that man evolve into a woman, and and ....) Bible states factually first man and woman created by God. Further, the entire theories of evolution is in a big big mess. Scientists realize there is no logical evidence for accidental existence: cosmic egg to hydrogen gasses, forming first stars. For one thing, hydrogen gasses pushing out would be 100 times the force of gravity pulling in. A scientist theorized that a supernova exploded nearby and this pushed the gas, overcoming the pressure ... this would mean the supernova originated from where? ... and of course there is no explanation for our solar system. Our sun has 99.9% of the mass in solar system, how could the planets form? Impossible. evolution contradicts scientific laws. It is still a theory after 150 years. Scientific laws like 1/ life only creates life 2/ all species remain within their 'kinds' ... never has a transitional fossil been found ... never has half ape/half man fossil or anything else. Our museums should have thousands of exhibits of 'missing links; they are not missing, they were never there. Evolution has reduced science to scenario writing, not observation and testing and repeatability by others. No one was there at the beginning of existence to see the 'cosmic egg' ... only One Witness was there: God of the Bible. See UK Apologetics for Darwin expose (his book is originally subtitled 'the favored raced in the struggle for life' .... Hitler and all despots have been evolutionists. The 'New Agers' are evolutionists, since they need millions of years for their silly theories of Space Brothers ... 'avatars' .... that are equal with Jesus.
    Yes, you are correct in assessment of Alex Jones, I surmise. Maybe he knows it. Maybe he's thinking Well, I'll just leave out the hard facts about Jesus and just warn about the other stuff.

  2. I agree, Alex fired me up too so I'm very fond of him but lately things haven't been adding up to me either. Always saying 'we will win'. this is God's will, this is happening completely to the prophesies. Then today confirmed it for me. Alex in his staunch support for Donald Trump, I saw unmistakably (I replayed it several times to be sure!)Trump throw a 666 illuminate hand sign. If a complete amateur as myself could spot that surely Alex with his incredible political insight and inside knowledge would have seen something like that too. The only one you can trust in these days is Jesus!

    1. Amen and Amen! We can't trust in anyone but the Lord. He puts in rulers and brings them down. What are we to believe? The Word of God.

    2. I have not listened to, or viewed too many of Mr Jones' speeches, however what i read here answered a thought or two i had.

      It is possible that Mr Jones is indeed a Christian; i was a charismatic once upon a time. I am well-versed in the hype that "WE will win" - not satan will take over and try to remove every bit of Gospel to keep the End from happening, while YHWH's people will need to flee to where they will (hopefully) not be found (Rev.12) - until Yeshua first comes back to destroy the Antichrist and the Beast, and have satan/allah chained (by an angel whose name is not even mentioned) before reigning, along with His saints, over the rest of mankind for a thousand years. Then, satan will be unleashed for a short while, calling all the World's armies to rage against Jerusalem (probably against the authoritarian dictator Who demands that all must obey HIS Law, instead of enjoying Human Rights and Religious Freedom), where they will all be destroyed by fire from heaven - YHWH's power. Only then, with the last evil destroyed, will YHWH the Father come down with New Jerusalem for the Final Judgement.

      So this calls for a question: is Mr Jones an illuminate? Or is he a true believing Christian whose believe was betrayed by the Charismatics (or whichever order or cult is posing as a christian congregation)? Or is he an illuminate posing as a christian?

      I believe warning people of the danger coming, and i believe in giving people hope... but i do not believe in telling people all is well while we go to hell screaming halleluyah.

      I also believe that it is past time already to get out of church and into true christianity. I have listened to Todd's recordings - any who have listened to that and was blessed to receive the message, will know that any mega church, is an illuminate temple. Built with illuminate money.

      As is Maranatha music. Which is sad - life can be hard without music sometimes.

      What told me that Todd was for real? He mentions plans to get rid of the public's guns. And to create a global energy crisis. Both of which came to pass and are happening, decades after his recordings were made.

  3. I've been wondering myself.....seems like he should get back to the Bible prophecies.....but news, no matter what the form---conspiracy, political, social, and worldly makes the money. I admire his passion, but he needs to tone it down a tad and go with the Truth of Our LORD....

  4. Alex jones is in it with the illuminati. Sick Gregory said so.

  5. May god bless all you. brothers and sister do not take the mark of the beast our day will come to pass when we reign with the lord forever.

  6. Alex jones has also said that he believes the earth is only 6000 years old in accordance with the bible he also prays to the lord Jesus christ our lord and savior that's not something someone would do In the illuminati he said according to the bullshit scientists says it is 65 million years old get your story straight before talking I know a lot more then most people do because I do my research

  7. AllHandsSignsHaveBeenSeenInAllCandidates!!!only the blind havent seen the signs!!!.

  8. alex jones is a fake he is part of the illuminati informing the world wat he has been instructed to but no one who speaks about the illuminati is a true christian i believe in GOD and Jesus Christ and we need to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour into our lives and he alone can save us..............

  9. Not telling you that you should believe in Alex Jones or not, but he is correct that us christ followers will win... Don't leave out the return of Christ and the defeat of satan!

  10. Alex Jones works for the illuminati to throw us all off